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  • Drift Lap 1 ~ Journey to Bamboo
  • Cristofer Smith

Drift Lap 1 ~ Journey to Bamboo

Drift Lap 1 ~ Journey to Bamboo

~By Cristofer Smith

Note: Drift is a racing word ~ stemming from my motorcycle racing days, always fun!

The drift is a dream of mine, to share the journey and information coming from creating active and athletic brands for over 24 years with everyone so they could understand why this has all come about.

This new website is dedicated to everyone, everyone who enjoys sharing the positive experience of wearing a plant based bottom that’s super comfy and resonates the relaxed and happy lifestyle we all crave now-a-days. We all know that positive energy is with all of us all and when you wear Green Apple you are wearing positive energy clothing that is comes from Mother Earth, and returns to her through a simple, natural bio-degradation process. “What begins in nature returns to nature”.

You will notice we are growing through you, our customer; you are the ones we listen to and we create everything on this site per your input. This energy of giving comes through you and your precious time in sharing what you like most from Green Apple. So with that said you have chosen our comfy bottoms which seem to be the go-to favorite to wear when one is living through there daily routine.

As a founder I spoke with my family and tribal (team) members here at Green Apple Active and the magical word is “bottoms”. That means you chose our bottoms over everything else so we decided to focus on your needs and give more bottoms made well, with love.

I would like to hear from anyone anywhere anytime and see that we are doing our job right for you, our customer. Please email me at and if you have a suggestion, or a design you may need I am all ears!

So as we journey through this fun exciting adventure together I will tell you why I do all this fun stuff and give all the knowledge that is science based to enlighten all your desires and why you will feel so great wearing a plant based product. Because believe me there is a reason.

Stay Tuned!




  • Cristofer Smith

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