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    Bamboo Sustainability

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    Green Apple Active is a brand committed to sustainability, comfort, and versatility in our active wear. Being active is more than a workout, it’s a lifestyle. Pursuing health in every...

    Bamboo Benefits

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    Green Apple Active is an environmentally conscious clothing brand that is passionate about designing organic, biodegradable articles of clothing for the active individual. As a result, we have designed an...

    Fashion Passion

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    In case you haven’t noticed yet, while we’re passionate about health, we’re also really passionate about fashion. We don’t believe that one has to look sloppy just because you’re going to the gym!

    It’s here! It’s here! It’s here!

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    Here at Green Apple, we’ve always focused on being high quality, innovative, fashionable, AND earth friendly. We believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between those three and we’ve stuck to that philosophy with our entire line!

    Awaken your Spring Activewear!

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    Are you ready for spring? Bring the beauty of the season into your active wardrobe with Green Apple new Spring Awakening Collection. Romance your active wear with eco-bamboo prints – a first to make sustainable prints on bamboo fabric! 

    Sleek, sophisticated and warm!!!

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    yoga support extended leggings

    Our Yoga Flare is Sold Out!

    Posted on 9 comments
    We at Green Apple Active are very happy and overwhelmed about how the sales of our yoga flare pants turned out. In just a week’s time, our yoga flares are...

    Introducing Comfort Support: Our Newest Bamboo Fabric

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    We’re excited to share to all our Green Apple Active customers that we have a new Eco-development in the works named “Comfort Support”. This will arrive the end of April...

    In The Works: Green Apple Active Accessories!

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    Green Apple Active is super excited to give everyone a sneak peek at our newest eco-endevor Green Apple Active accessories. Currently in development are bags, shoes, socks & yoga mats.  All...

    Funny Yoga Memes-Enjoy the Health Benefits of Laughter

    Funny Yoga Memes-Enjoy the Health Benefits of Laughter
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    At Green Apple Active we like to keep things light & enjoy a good laugh.  While there are many obvious benefits to laughter (IE: general happiness) there are also other less known boons to chuckling it up.

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