New vibrant colors coming this Holiday!

November 04, 2014 1 min read

Our newest comfort support arriving this month with be the softest
ever ~ vibrant rich holidays colors with our latest styling ~ check
out the extended legging with our built in open sock or try our
extended out of this world cozy sweat legging with our extended open
sock ~ we added snaps to open the sock for any occasion. And remember
Green Apple is made from the most sustainable plant on earth Bamboo ~
Cristofer Smith
Cristofer Smith

28 years, creating brands in a fun action packed business specializing in California Athletic and Active Lifestyle apparel. Yes, I'm still loving what I do. Biodegradable, Sustainable Design, Brand Architecture, Textile Innovation, and Package Manufacturing. Our team focuses on a business model based on innovation and sustainable conscious brands. Always striving for the latest Sustainable and perfection for our customers. They are the priority! Specialties: Bamboo apparel, Brand vision, Textile creation, Brand design, Brand architecture, Textile innovation, Quality manufacturing, On-time production and Design for Healthy Athletic, Active, Fitness & Athletic Brands.

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