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17" Yoga Essential Capri Legging - Heather Charcoal

17" Yoga Essential Capri Legging - Heather Charcoal in Small by Green Apple Active | Certified Organic Bamboo Activewear
17" Yoga Essential Capri Legging - Heather Charcoal in  by Green Apple Active | Certified Organic Bamboo Activewear
17" Yoga Essential Capri Legging - Heather Charcoal in  by Green Apple Active | Certified Organic Bamboo Activewear
$ 24.99 USD $ 62.99 USD

Bamboo & Organic Cotton 17” Yoga Capri

Bamboo 60% & Organic Cotton 26% Black Spandex 14%

Eco Chic Style Description

The plant powered Yoga Fitness or any active-lifestyle activity this is a go to style.  Luxury and style to enhance a healthy lifestyle by Mother nature’s finest fabric.

  • 17” inseam with center gusset allowing free movement for all free-style activities in our luxurious organic bamboo powered by plants
  • 3” free flow waistband (no elastic) and a built-in pocket which allows non-constrictive movement without the pinch in the waistline area
  • Rear yoke seam that allows for enhanced support and active styling
  • Support bamboo and cotton is vegan, organic and biodegradable 60% Bamboo, 26% Cotton, 14% Black Spandex

Powered by Plant Performance Features

  • Precision weight bamboo with black spandex eliminating grin is natures ultimate performance and comfort fabric ever
  • Organic body temperature control is a unique quality of bamboo and will keep the body core cooler and maximize naturals breathability resources better then ever before
  • Bamboo has a transcendence natural UVA protection within the fabric
  • Green Apple fabrics and embroidery are done with biodegradable products

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
My go to Active wear

Exchanged the medium for a small.. great fit! Looking forward to the new collection
I highly recommend

Perfect combination of softness and flexibility plus note to short peeps

Soft and flexible, I try different leggings and always go back to these because they are just soft enough, just flexible enough, and just supportive enough. They hold up well and you get your use out of them. Wanted to try the high rise because my only predicament is that size mediums fit me better in that they stay put but they are also then, more see through on my butt. While large can sometimes slide down my butt with activity but then, are not see through. Wonder if high rise large would solve the problem. They were sold out so I couldn’t try them when I saw them. Hope they come back in stock! Love these leggings. Also, if you are short, the 15-19 inch are perfect for us shorty’s, no need to get too long a leggings. The 19 in go to my ankles without leftover and I love it! Get them!

Sweat proof

I was nervous to purchase gray Capri leggings as I don’t perspire but drip with sweat. After my workout, there was no noticeable sweat marks. I already own this in black and love how comfortable they are. Now I feel confident to purchase these pants in other colors.

Dana! Celeste with Customer Service!! I just wanted to Thank You for taking that leap and giving us a shot!! We love what we do! When we started this company almost 29 Years ago, we did it with the mindset, If we could create/design an Organic clothing line, we would keep all people healthy. No Toxins allowed. We did it for others first! We keep doing design and creation for others! Each product that our designer creates comes from our extended family (clients). Reviews, suggestions, wants, wishes and of course the designer has a few secrets,that keep US all looking and feeling fab! Even from behind!: L!!! EVERYTHING we make is 100% Certified Organic Bamboo. You will never show a sweat spot, wicking (cooling effect) and EAT (we will never smell! We are always hear/here for all. My email is: Please keep for future reference and Thank you for your loyalty. Dana, 'If a person could wear an Organic Apple, why would anyone wear a Synthetic lemon!!??'
Extremely soft yoga pants

I truly love the feel of the material, and this is what I was looking for being tired of synthetic material. My only concern is with sizing. I scrupulously followed the sizing chart, and bought an M, but I could have easily fit into an S. So I hope that with time the pants will stay in place.

The Best

Been buying GreenApple for years. Luxuriously comfortable. My only Yoga pants!

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