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26" Yoga Essential Legging/Tights - Navy Blue

26" Yoga Essential Legging/Tights - Navy Blue in Small by Green Apple Active | Certified Organic Bamboo Activewear
26" Yoga Essential Legging/Tights - Navy Blue in  by Green Apple Active | Certified Organic Bamboo Activewear
$ 62.99 USD $ 64.99 USD

Bamboo Yoga Essential (No Elastic in Waistband) 

26" Yoga Essential Legging

Our best-selling, organic bamboo Yoga Essential legging is a must-have for your closet! Wear it for your workouts or just because. It's that amazing, we promise!

Support Jersey: 60% Bamboo, 26% Organic Cotton, 14% Black Spandex


  • Body fit
    3" free flow waistband without elastic
  • Inset self-stripe detail
  • Rear reverse style active yoke
  • Tonal logo embroidery at center back waistband

Benefits of Eco ∙ Air ∙ Tek™️ | The Fiber of the Future
Green Apple Active is the only company with EAT™️ technology and properties!

  • Antimicrobial
  • Antibacterial
  • Antifungal
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Thermodynamic
  • UV Protection
  • Super Moisture Absorbency
  • Sustainable + Renewable
  • Odor Resistant
  • Biodegradable
    Learn more about why we use certified organic bamboo for all of our styles here.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 33 reviews
    Tighter than expected. I ordered a size up and still overly snug.

    I still appreciate this company and their ethical nature. Just finding the sizing hard to gauge.

    Wonderful Fabric

    I love the natural fabric is used in the pants. Because I'm shorter and need petite size in length, the legs are too long for me and I have to pull them up about 3-4 inches. The fabric slips down at the top when I'm seated.

    Bought for my girlfriend

    I got these for my girlfriend and she says they are her comfiest leggings! She says they fit perfectly and She loves them for working out because of how breathable they are. She also loves how they look! And we both fully support the use of bamboo and organic cotton. I was super happy when i found this site!

    Zachary-Hey There! Celeste with Customer Service! I just wanted to Thank You for your review. It means alot, especially what you said and how you said it!! Quality, sustainable and True To It's Belief through our Product! We were the FIRST company 28+ years ago to do what we do!!

    Pretty bummed out

    I love what this company is trying to do, however I have tried to contact them multiple times about an issue with my recent order, and I've only gotten auto-replies saying that they will be in touch soon... but it's been two weeks! Very frustrating, especially when this is my first time ordering from them.

    Hey Kate! It was super to hear from you personally on the phone. Thank you for responding to me. Emailing & texting to me are are great way to start an argument or how to create a miscommunication. Our email '' has issues just like you said about your company emails. Google says they fix it and it acts up again. My email works perfectly. Keep it for future anything!! You also have my personal cell phone. Beauty & Positive Vibes From GAA!
    Not good and even worse customer service

    Too tight and long (I bought medium and I’m 5’6” 135lb), and most annoyingly: totally see through! Bought these for spin and yoga and it’s clear they’re too thin for either activity. Was unable to return and when I reached out three times to their customer service I never heard back. Not even an acknowledgement that I had requested assistance

    Hello Anne! Celeste with Customer Service Here! Thank you for your review. We love Good/Bad reviews because there is always an opportunity to learn and do better. They says 'It's What You Learn After You Know It All That Matters!' I had no idea you have been reaching out to us. I apologize for that, truly! Our company email has a mind of it's own. We are having glitches with it ( and the best email to use (and if anyone else reads this, please take note) is: It WORKS! Promise!! I handle the customer service end and my brother Cristofer does the design/fashion/certification/100% Organic Bamboo work. We have been here for 28+ Years and we are here/hear for everyone!! We truthfully want to share our quest in creating a Healthy Lifestyle for Healthy Souls! Our Apparel compare to none!! No One will ever receive any environmental toxins (Cancers, etc...) wearing our 100% Certified Organic Bamboo Line. Even our packaging is bio-degradable. We work with, or for, Our Mother Earth while protecting our Organic Apple Extended Family Members (clients). After reading the product review you have shared, I may have some insight as to how we can measure, monitor, adjust & control your needs. No one should be able to see through our product. If that is happening, it may be a different size needed to complete 100% Satisfaction. We want EVERYONE TO LOOK GOOD & FEEL GOOD. Please reach out to me! My email is above. I am going to send you an email with my cell phone and I will call you so we can get the right size to you. You are more than welcome to exchange! I know we have a solution and we are going to figure this out together. Beauty, Health & Good Vibes From Cristofer & myself!! Celeste

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