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May 27, 2015 2 min read

Hello, Earth Advocates!

In case you haven’t noticed yet, while we’re passionate about health, we’re also really passionate about fashion.

We don’t believe that one has to look sloppy just because you’re going to the gym!

We decided to focus on something a little different today – something that can help us all come up with better outfits, no matter where we stand on our clothes game. Color theory!

Of course, any color plus a neutral works great as we’re sure you’ve figured out, but how about the rest of the rainbow? Well, everything you need to know is on this color wheel.

Doesn’t that remind you of grade school? Now, we get to repurpose it for a much more interesting experiment! Take a look at it, and see how you can use the colors in your wardrobe together as follows:


Complementary – pick colors on the opposite ends of the wheel from each other to come up with a high contrast, high drama outfit! This is the style for you if you want to make a big impact. Dip your toes into this combination by using one color for your outfit and one for an accessory. Ex. Choose an orange dress to go with a blue bag.

Split-complementary – Ready to take it to the next level? This one’s a bit tricky, but so worth it once you pull it off! First, pick a color. Then look opposite it, just as if you were going to do a basic complementary match – then choose the two colors TO EITHER SIDE of that color. It’s just as bold, but a little more dimensional since there are more colors. This can be more flattering, as well.
Analogous – looking for a bit more peace and harmony in your life? Choose colors that are next to each other on the wheel. By nature, they’re the most serene. Just make sure they’re distinct enough that you can tell the colors apart!


Ready to step up your color game? Check out our new watercolor collection! We’ve got a complete lineup of sustainable bamboo clothes for you all, from bras, capris, sweats, and cardigans, that are perfect for mixing and matching. How about an analogous pairing of the aquamarine bra inside the lavender hoodie? Then play it urban cool with our neutral glacier gray bottoms, or elongate your silhouette with matching lavender capris. This is how we’d style 

Gorgeous, huh? Show us how you’d style the new watercolor collection! andhashtag #gaecostyle toshow other girls what you've come upwith.

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