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Welcome to the world of sustainable activewear, where fashion meets values. When spending your dollars on products that align with your beliefs, supporting sustainable activewear brands is one of the simplest ways to walk.

Moreover, activewear has to tick many boxes: it should motivate us, make us feel and look good, and be supportive. Furthermore, it needs to transition smoothly from workouts to everyday life.

However, finding quality, conscious workout clothes that outlast squats, sprints, and lazy Sundays can be challenging. In addition, brands are creating well-made, reasonably priced options that don't sacrifice style, comfort, or performance. Lastly, these ethical and responsible brands ensure you don't have to compromise your values for quality activewear.

Why We Need Sustainable Activewear?

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The demand for eco-friendly athletic apparel is at an all-time high as mindful shopping, and our quest for health and fitness coexist. Consumers are becoming more aware of how their choices impact the environment. Three University of Manchester academics specializing in fashion and textiles warned that the harm caused by discarded athletic apparel is often overlooked.

The overreliance on virgin polyester garments used in our sports bras and joggers harms the environment more than reasonable. Unfortunately, synthetic materials are still needed in this apparel section to ensure functionality, and certain materials, such as recycled polyester, still invite pros and cons. However, this shift towards sustainability is evident in the materials used and in the design and marketing of products like warrior yoga positions.

Furthermore, the fitness industry is moving toward sustainability. Sustainable activewear brands are emerging to meet this growing demand. Women's sustainable activewear is trendy, with many looking for the best sustainable activewear options. When choosing activewear, sustainable options benefit the planet and offer high-quality performance.

Why is Sustainable Activewear Important?

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The skin, our largest organ, absorbs what we put on it, including clothing. During workouts, our pores open, and sweat flows, increasing the likelihood of absorbing toxins. Commonly used synthetic fabrics like polyester, nylon, and spandex are made with petrochemicals and treated with PFAS, which are toxic.

While these chemicals are moisture-wicking, they shed microplastics into our skin and water supply during washing. Furthermore, producing these fabrics harms the environment and is not biodegradable, polluting landfills for years.

Choosing sustainable activewear is crucial. Sustainable activewear brands offer safer alternatives, reducing exposure to harmful chemicals and environmental impact. When you venture into sustainable options, you embrace a healthier choice for your skin and the planet. Next, consider the best sustainable activewear brands that prioritize eco-friendly materials. In addition, women's sustainable activewear options are stylish and practical, proving that fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand.

1. Quince

When we want sustainable luxury at an affordable price point, we head to Quince. We love their buttery soft leggings and cropped tanks in subtle, gorgeous hues like rose and olive or their performance skorts and dresses made from recycled fabrics. Dyed safely according to design standards and manufactured in WRAP-certified factories to ensure ethical working practices, we can feel as good as we look in these sustainable, comfy, and chic pieces, including their popular flare yoga pants.

Quince stands out as one of the best sustainable activewear choices when looking for sustainable activewear brands. Their commitment to creating activewear sustainable products ensures we get the best sustainable activewear brands have to offer. With Quince, women can embrace women sustainable activewear that is both stylish and responsible.

2. MATE the Label

MATE the Label is our top pick for clean, sustainable sweats, leggings, and sports bras that excel at the gym and on the couch. The conscious, woman-founded brand creates cozy and functional essentials through a circular production line. We love their "The MATE Eight" ethos, which outlines their ethical and sustainable standards!

Stock up on your year-round joggers, sweats, and more from one of the best sustainable activewear brands. Furthermore, this women's sustainable activewear brand ensures all its pieces are eco-friendly. Finally, the MATE label stands out among activewear sustainable brands for its dedication to quality and style.

3. Pact 

Pact imagines a world free from toxic chemicals, sweatshops, or child labor. It's the kind of world we all want to live in. Moreover, Pact's basics are ethically made with GOTS-certified organic cotton; most pieces are Fair Trade certified. With neutral colors and affordable prices, Pact is perfect for stocking up on all your cotton essentials, including socks, underwear, and more.

Pact leggings, such as their yoga flare leggings, are incredibly versatile and delightfully stretchy. We've worn them to the airport, hang out with friends, and under dresses and boots in the fall. Equally important, Pact stands out among sustainable activewear brands.

4. Girlfriend Collective 

From skorts to sports bras, Girlfriend Collective has it all. Furthermore, this thoughtful brand is exceptionally size-inclusive, ranging from XXS to 6XL, because everybody has an active body. The fabrics are sustainable or recycled; for example, its best-selling Compressive Leggings are made from 25 recycled water bottles!

Again, Girlfriend Collective impresses with its ethical production, affordable and gorgeous designs, and models who look like us. Finally, our team especially loves GC's collection of cute crop tops that fit larger cup sizes and hold everything in place. In addition, Girlfriend Collective is among the best sustainable activewear brands for women, offering a variety of styles perfect foryoga balance positions.

5. Patagonia

Patagonia stands out as a leader among sustainable activewear brands. Patagonia prioritizes profits, people, and the planet as a certified B Corporation. Their commitment is evident in their durable outdoor apparel, complemented by extensive repair and recycling programs.

The brand's renowned Ironclad Guarantee ensures that products endure, promoting sustainability through longevity. From versatile yoga pants to resilient outdoor jackets, Patagonia caters to all big and small adventurers from their California headquarters.

6. Organic Basics

Specializing in sustainable activewear, Organic Basics excels in crafting elevated basics using eco-friendly materials like regenerative organic cotton and TENCEL™ Lyocell. Their range includes underwear, tanks, loungewear, and activewear, all designed with transparency in ethical production.

Ideal for those seeking comfort and environmental responsibility in their activewear choices, Organic Basics offers a compelling blend of style, sustainability, and conscientious manufacturing.

7. Tentree 

Tentree stands out as a beacon of sustainability in the realm of activewear. Recognizing the importance of eco-friendliness in every aspect of production, they go beyond just selling clothes. For every purchase made, tentree undertakes the admirable task of planting ten trees, aiming to reach 1 billion trees planted by 2030.

Currently, they have already planted over 71 million trees worldwide. One of their standout products, the InMotion Longline Active bra, seamlessly combines support for workouts with comfort for daily wear. The range's unique edition colors add a touch of allure, making it a favorite among our team.

8. Jungmaven 

Jungmaven, on the other hand, has a unique origin story rooted in the quest for sustainable fabric. Their pioneering use of hemp in activewear signifies a commitment to environmental preservation. Hemp is celebrated for its non-toxic nature, regenerative properties, and durability, making it an ideal option for eco-conscious consumers.

Jungmaven offers diverse activewear essentials, from vibrant colors to versatile silhouettes like skorts and bodysuits. Their dedication to crafting clean, sustainable activewear is evident in every piece they create.

9. AllWear 

AllWear prioritizes sustainability and ethical practices in every aspect of its brand. They specialize in crafting durable activewear from non-toxic, 100% natural fabrics like organic cotton and bamboo. Whether you're looking for organic joggers, a comfortable bamboo bra top, or vibrant green and black leggings, AllWear offers timeless designs built to last.

Certified by OEKO-TEX, Global Organic Textile Standard, and Organic Content Standard, their commitment to transparency extends to supporting fair labor conditions for factory workers.

Moreover, AllWear seeks to minimize environmental impact by promoting circular fashion solutions that reduce landfill waste. For those seeking the best in sustainable activewear, AllWear stands out among women's sustainable activewear brands.


In conclusion, the future of activewear lies in embracing sustainability. Sustainable activewear supports our fitness goals, respects the planet, and promotes healthier choices for consumers and ecosystems. Brands like Quince, MATE the Label, and Pact exemplify this ethos through their commitment to ethical practices and eco-friendly materials.

By opting for recycled fabrics or organic cotton garments, we reduce our environmental footprint while enjoying durable, stylish activewear. Moreover, companies such as Girlfriend Collective and Patagonia set benchmarks in inclusivity and ecological stewardship, proving that sustainability can coexist with performance and fashion.

Nikita Parihar
Nikita Parihar

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