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At Green Apple Active, we're thrilled to introduce our latest Seamless Bamboo Collection, a fusion of style, comfort, and eco-friendliness. Crafted from natural bamboo fabric, this collection offers you a range of styles that are perfect for any activity, from yoga and running to everyday wear. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to the soothing embrace of bamboo

1. Lulu Bamboo Cami Tank

Lulu Bamboo Cami Tank


 - Built-in bra for added support
- Removable pads for customizable comfort
The Lulu Bamboo Cami Tank is your new go-to for workouts or casual outings. Enjoy the softness of bamboo against your skin while getting the support you need.

2. Oda Bamboo Bike Short

Oda Bamboo Bike Short


 - Perfect length for flexibility and style
- Known for its skin-friendly properties, it is ideal for those with allergies
The Oda Bamboo Bike Short offers the perfect blend of fashion and functionality. It's the ideal choice for those with sensitive skin and a taste for style.

3. Coco Capri and Coco Utility Capri


Coco Capri and Coco Utility Capri

Features (Coco Capri)

- Exceptional softness and high-performance design

- Large side pockets for convenience

Features (Coco Utility Capri)

 - All the benefits of Coco Capri with added utility
- Side pockets for storage on the go
The Coco Capri and Coco Utility Capriare versatile bottoms that cater to your active lifestyle. Enjoy the softness of bamboo fabric while staying prepared with ample storage.

4. Sofie Legging and Sofie Utility Legging


Sofie Legging and Sofie Utility Legging

Features (Sofie Leggings)

 - Versatile for various lifestyle occasions
- Suitable for gym, yoga, running, and more

Features (Sofie Utility Legging)

 - All the features of Sofie Legging with added utility
- Side pockets for convenience
The Sofie Legging and Sofie Utility Legging are your all-in-one solution for different activities. Experience the natural comfort of bamboo while staying active in style.
Why Bamboo?
Bamboo fabric offers numerous benefits that make it the perfect choice for activewear:
- Antibacterial
Bamboo fabric naturally resists bacteria, keeping your clothing fresher for longer.
- Antibromic
 Say goodbye to unpleasant odors. Bamboo fabric is naturally antibromic, ensuring you stay fresh.
- Temperature Regulation
Bamboo fabric helps regulate your body temperature, making it suitable for all seasons.
- Skin-Friendly
 Ideal for sensitive skin and those with skin allergies, bamboo fabric is gentle and soothing.


 GreenAppleActive's Seamless Bamboo Collection is more than just activewear; it's a lifestyle choice that prioritizes comfort and well-being. Say hello to a new level of comfort and style with our Lulu Cami Tank, Oda Bike Short, Coco Capri, Coco Utility Capri, Sofie Legging, and Sofie Utility Legging.
Experience the natural benefits of bamboo while looking great and feeling even better. Embrace nature's comfort with GreenAppleActive!
Visit our website today to explore these amazing styles and elevate your activewear game.
Thank you for choosing GreenAppleActive, where style meets sustainability.
Nikita Parihar
Nikita Parihar

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