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The postures of Yoga come intending to enhance the flexibility of an individual. While you may not experience it at that time, most Yoga poses affect a particular part and the whole body comprehensively.

Each pose is accompanied by structural breathing, connection to nature and the earth and meditation or mindfulness. But do you know that some yoga poses have a special connection to the elements of the earth and the celestial bodies too?

In this article, we will be talking about one such auspicious yoga pose- the half-moon pose, which poses tremendous benefits to an individual's body, and how it is connected to the moon and the moon cycle. 

Ardha Chardrasana (Or the Half Moon Pose)

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Beginners cannot perform this challenging yoga asana. It requires excellent levels of core strength and flexibility in the hip region. This pose needs a perfect sense of balance to be performed, which can be mastered only after some practice. 

Before doing the half-moon pose, one should focus on building up the lower and upper body's core strength and flexibility by doing other poses. Then gradually, with the help of half-moon pose variations, should a person begin doing this pose. It offers balance to your body and mind, improving focus and coordination. The flexibility of the body is also enhanced. 

How to Do This Pose?

To perform the half-moon pose, follow the steps mentioned below- 

  • Stand straight with your legs wide open. Turn your upper body towards your right side. 
  • Bend towards your right side, and touch the ground with your right hand. 
  • Ensure that your body is straight and stretched, and position your left-hand parallel to the ground. 
  • With the weight of your body on your right leg, lift your left leg and stretch it towards the sky. 
  • Hold this position for some time, then stand back. Now try this pose with your left side leg. 

For best results, take the assistance of a certified yoga instructor who can guide you through performing this pose. They will teach you the breathing techniques and the perfect position of your head, back and all other parts of your body so that you do not get injured while performing this pose. 

Connection of the Half Moon Pose with the Moon Cycle

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According to Yoga, the moon, or the "Chandra," is connected to the "manas," which is the emotional and sensory part of the mind. The manas controls our reaction to the external environment and our emotional reactions. The moon provides purity or "sattva" to the human body and mind.

It also offers energy channels called "nadis" and energies called "vayus" to a person. Performing Yoga poses based on the moon cycle significantly impacts the "manas," affecting how humans respond to the world emotionally. 

The half-moon pose in Yoga is connected to the first quarter of the moon cycle. This is the half-moon period, where only half of the moon is visible on earth due to the sun's illumination. The half-moon offers perfect shadowing and detailing of the moon's surface for astronomers and moon lovers to observe. 

At this time of the moon cycle, one should perform the Ardha Chakrasana to find balance, strength and focus for the body and the mind. This pose opens up your body, and with the perfect timing of the half-moon, this pose offers the best results.

You have better control over your emotions and how you react to outer circumstances, along with increased focus and mindfulness. 

Benefits of Doing the Half-Moon Pose

Some benefits and advantages can be procured by performing the half-moon pose in Yoga, some of which are listed below. 

  • Increases Focus-
    This pose strengthens the mind and improves the ability of a person to focus on the more essential things in life while letting go of the unnecessary ones. By performing this pose, one can reduce outbursts of anger or any other emotion which have adversely affected their life and peace of mind. 
  • Improve Posture
    The body's posture is significantly improved by doing this. In addition, every part of the body experiences stretches and increased flexibility after performing the 
    half-moon pose in Yoga regularly for a while. 
  • Increases Core Strength
    The strength of your core, including the muscles of your body, and the endurance of joints are also highly increased by doing this pose. 
  • Reduces Anxiety and Depression
    Mental problems such as anxiety, depression, or stress can be relieved by performing this pose regularly. It releases happy hormones, which calm your mind and make it stress-free. 
  • Alleviates Back Pain
    If you experience chronic pain in the back of the neck region, it can be healed with the help of this pose without needing any medicine or foreign treatment. Pains in other areas, such as the shoulder or the hip, can also be cured. 
  • Improved Balance
    A perfect balance between the mind and body is essential, facilitated by the half-moon pose. Risks of injuries that can be caused due to poor body balance are reduced.

Other health benefits of performing the half-moon pose regularly include- 

  • Facilitates digestion
  • Tones muscles in the hips and the abdomen
  • It helps you get rid of fatigue and tiredness
  • Improves coordination in the body
  • Enhances self-awareness

It is therefore essential to add the half-moon pose to your daily yoga routine. To get the most benefit, you should perform it during the half-moon phase of the moon cycle, which lasts for three days. Continue doing this pose for some time, and you will notice the change in your body and mind. 

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Nikita Parihar
Nikita Parihar

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