What does “Sustainable Clothing” mean

Health, fitness, and environmental awareness are interlinked. Anything that impacts our environment impacts our health.


Sustainable clothing is at the core of Green Apple Active where we practice what we teach, by making all our decisions responsibly, ethically, and conscious of the environment.


By using sustainable clothing you are contributing to the global movement of environmental health and learning to live in harmony with nature.


So what is Sustainable Clothing?


Sustainable clothing is clothing that is made with materials that biodegrade and minimize their impact on the environment when they decompose. 


Sustainable clothing is also sourced in sustainable and ethical ways since humans and the resources we use are also a part of the environment.


Sustainable clothing is also great for people with sensitive skin. With all the harsh chemicals used in


Sustainable clothing helps the environment. When we buy clothes, we want to make sure we are making a positive impact on the environment.


What is not sustainable?


Clothing that is not sustainable is made from synthetic fabrics that have cause harm to the environment when they decompose.


Every piece of garment you own or have owned will one day end up in a landfill, or need to decompose and return back to nature.


Unfortunately, unsustainable clothing will have a negative impact on its environment as it decomposes and will harm the life around it.


It is our responsibility to choose sustainably and work with the planet to keep life around for as long as possible. With every purchase of clothing, we are choosing to support life or hinder it when we have the ability to buy sustainably.



The world is changing every day! We have to make the choice now if we want to see a more healthy and environmentally conscious future. 


Why sustainable?


Like a ripple, our decisions everyday impact us and everything around us.


For example, here at Green Apple Active, we use sustainable textiles is called cellulose from bamboo which is an organic compound created when a plant is developed by converting carbon dioxide from air and water into organic material. This also is helped by our sun energy which releases oxygen in the air.


We knew the world needed change and it was apparent after extensive research on our own design and apparel brands made of synthetic fabrics that we found was releasing approximately 1000-2000 microplastic beads each wash.


Sustainable clothing not only helps the environment, but it also supports a positive sense of wellbeing. When coupled with an active lifestyle, wearing sustainable is a personal statement that you care about your impact on the world around you.


What We Are Doing


We are committed to staying in touch with the latest environmental technology to help us help our customers lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.


After the founder of Green Apple Active lost a family member to environmentally induced cancer, Cristofer Smith has been on the mission of providing the world with high-quality sustainable fashion.


We believe so profoundly at this moment in time that we completed stopped designing synthetics and created a new way for active Lifestyle practitioners to be naturally better. And isn’t that what we are all about!


However, keeping in mind synthetics do have their place and it is in different applications where they will benefit society so we do our diligence by offering you this brand to have a choice between an oil/petrol chemical product or nature version.


By avoiding toxic synthetic fabrics, Green Apple Active elevates past outdated and unhealthy practices in the clothing industry as a whole.


In Conclusion


Sustainable clothing means you are aware of the world and your place in it. The happy and positive karma will always go to the individuals whom practice being in harmony with nature and themselves.


To learn more about sustainable clothing and get exclusive offers on our latest line of bamboo fitness essentials join our email list, and share this post with to raise awareness about sustainable clothing.

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