How to Use the Power of Nature to Promote Sleep

February 24, 2015 2 min read

by Dr. Kristie

We all suffer from insomnia on occasion but for some people it’s a nightly occurrence. If you fall into this category, you know how frustrating persistent insomnia can be. Tossing and turning while watching the clock each hour, you wonder if morning will ever come. Prescription drugs with their myriad of side effects aren’t the answer and can become addictive if used on a frequent basis. Why not use the power of nature to fall asleep? Nature has her own secrets for helping you experience much needed rest. Here’s how to use the nature’s power to promote sleep:

How to promote sleep – Listen to the sounds of nature.

If you have a CD player, you can use it to experience a good night’s sleep. Purchase a CD that plays the gentle sounds of nature such as falling rain, a cricket chirping, gentle winds blowing, or waves crashing upon the shore. Listen to these sounds each evening while you’re lying in bed. Chances are the gentle rhythms and movements of nature will lull you into a peaceful sleep. This method works well for many chronic insomniacs.

How to promote sleep – Open the window

This is a simple method for promoting sleep that many people fail to take advantage of. A cool breeze arising from an open window along with the gentle sounds of nature can be quite therapeutic for sleep problems. Some people find an open window during a gentle rain or the sound of a cricket chirping outdoors to be almost hypnotic The pure smell of a fresh rain falling outside can also help to promote sleep Next time sleep won’t come, take the simple step of opening the window and watch your insomnia disappear.

How to promote sleep – Take a walk

A slow walk outdoors before bedtime is an excellent sleep promoter. A walk serves as an effective stress reliever and allows you to release any nervous energy that may be keeping you awake. Walk at a leisurely pace and really drink in your surroundings. Avoid moving at a fast pace.Fast paced exercise can have the opposite effect of energizing you and making sleep more difficult.

How to promote sleep – Meditate

Meditation prior to bedtime can be a natural sleep promoter. Why not open the window or play your nature CD while meditating? Breathe in the fresh smells of nature while exhaling the problems and cares of the day. Concentrate on the therapeutic sounds and smells of nature and you’ll feel your self gradually fade into a restful sleep.

Promoting sleep doesn’t have to involve potentially addictive prescription drugs. The gentle touch of nature can help you to fall asleep more easily. Give these sleep promoting tips a try and feel your self drift into a peaceful unconsciousness.

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