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    Can Superfoods Help You Sleep?

    Can Superfoods Help You Sleep?
                                        Can Superfoods Help You Sleep? According to the Centers for Disease Control...

    3 Healthy Summertime Salads

    3 Healthy Summertime Salads

    It's almost summertime, and what summertime means to me living in San Gabriel valley is hot!!

    You haven't lived life until your air conditioner comes to life, tries to fight you because it's 112 degrees and they are tired of you leaving them on all night. They need a break too! Hehe.

    3 Breathing Techniques that will calm you down

    3 Breathing Techniques that will calm you down
    With the way things have been going lately in the world, from everyone scurrying by to get through the day, to living in the absolute now, as busy as we all may be, we still need to take a little time out to just breath. 

    3 most AMAZING Vegan Green Shakes

    3 most AMAZING Vegan Green Shakes
    When most people hear the word "Vegan" being used, it may be off putting to those who are meat eaters, or it may excite the food connoisseurs who enjoy living adventurously by trying new recipes outside of their comfort zones. I found these amazing recipes surfing the Internet in search of something new, and am forever thankful that I did.
    I am going to introduce you to three of the most AMAZING Vegan Green Shakes, that don't provoke that unwanted fear of vegetable sludge that by the looks of it, resembling the infamous Ghostbuster's slime, or having the taste and smell of the green algae that forms on the shorelines of ponds where turtles love to frequent.
    I'm sure as those unfamiliar with how good Vegan shakes can really be, myself included, are thinking to themselves, "Whaaat!" as those Vegan Green Shake lovers are like "BRIIINNG ITT!!"

    Healthiest Cities: did your city make their list?

      Going green and being healthy can be hard, it takes commitment to the environment and your health. These cities are making it easier to be healthy and green. See...

    Natural Hydration Tips for the Summer

    Natural Hydration Tips for the Summer
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    Planning for a summer escapade? Excited for island hopping, snorkeling, scuba diving and beach volleyball? Before anything else, make sure that you are physically equipped for the heat of the...

    Planning Tips for Spring Hiking

    Planning Tips for Spring Hiking
    hiking tips
    If you have that spirit of adventure and love for nature then hiking in the mountains is definitely worth a try. It’s a great way to lessen the stress of daily life and burn away those calories you’ve been storing up last season.

    8 Healthy Breakfast Meals That You Can Prepare in less Than 10 Minutes

    8 Healthy Breakfast Meals That You Can Prepare in less Than 10 Minutes
    healthy breakfasts that you can prepare in 10mins
    Always rushing to go to work in the morning? Don’t skip breakfast. We came up with a list of some easy-to-prepare and healthy breakfast recipes that you can actually do in less than 10 minutes, to help you save time but still gain nutrition from the most important meal of the day.

    Simple Home Hacks for Greener Living

    Simple Home Hacks for Greener Living

    Sustaining the green-living can be quite tough especially when everyday there are tons of new-product choices readily available for our use. If you are trying to find ways to be more eco-friendly, consider the following simple hacks you can easily do at home.

    Incorporate Yoga In Your Daily Routine

    Incorporate Yoga In Your Daily Routine


    For many of us, incorporating yoga in your daily routine isn’t that easy. But, by trying to perform simple yoga steps even just for a few minutes every single day may benefit us in several ways. This can actually help in promoting a deeper awareness of the body and mind.

    Eight Healthy Snacks for Super Bowl That You Can Make in 15 Mins

    Eight Healthy Snacks for Super Bowl That You Can Make in 15 Mins

    We give you eight examples of such snacks that are super easy to prepare so can you spend less time preparing and more time eating and watching the game.


    What’s The Rush?

    The benefits of Savasana…..


    I get it.  You are a Type A, on-the-go, two-page to-do list super-human kind of student.  But give yourself a break and really explore the benefits of your practice; give yourself the gift of Savasana.  As a yoga teacher in Los Angeles it’s always a challenge to communicate to my students the benefits of savasana.  A lot of people consider Savasana a dispensable little nap after the physical exertion of their practice.  I’ve seen more and more students leaving before Savasana and complaining to me that they just don’t have the time.  But you can make the time, even if you have to leave early

    Coconut Oil and You: How You Can Improve Your Health Using Coconut Oil

    If you're looking for a new, inexpensive way to improve your overall health, there's no better product than coconut oil. Widely available at both grocery and health stores, coconut oil offers a versatile way to improve your body both inside and out.

    My Inspirations…

    From wild child to professional dancer… I was the least likely candidate to become a Senior Yoga Teacher.

    Tips for Moms: How to Fit Exercise into Your Busy Schedule

    Whether you’re a new mom of an infant or have been to the delivery room a few times, you are busy. Doctor appointments, sports practices, late-night feedings, recitals, school, perhaps work—all of these things demand your time and energy.

    Pranayama: Valuable Breathing in Yoga

    There's a good reason people speak of "the breath of life." Breathing is the key to a calm state of mind and healthy immunity against disease. Indeed, deep breathing, also known as pranayama, goes with the practice of yoga and meditation.

    Why Raw Honey is the Natural Choice

    Raw honey is different from almost anything else we eat or drink. Unlike nearly everything else we consume, honey was intended from the start to be a source of nutrition and natural energy. Worker bees diligently scour the fields and harvest the flowers, and they bring the end result back to the hive to nourish the queen and the rest of their fellow bees.

    The Benefits of a Kettlebell Workout

    Kettlebells are one of the new ways to blast away fat while building strength and endurance. These cast-iron balls with handles range in size from 4 pound up to 175 pounds. There are even kettlebells that allow you to quickly change the weight by adding more plates.

    How to Clean a Yoga Mat and Keep it Odor Free

      Dr. Kristie If you’re a student of yoga, you know how important your yoga mat is to your stretching success. It might surprise you to learn that yoga mats...

    How to Use the Power of Nature to Promote Sleep

    by Dr. Kristie We all suffer from insomnia on occasion but for some people it’s a nightly occurrence. If you fall into this category, you know how frustrating persistent insomnia...

    The Meaning Behind Yoga

      by Constance Bourg In the modern world, yoga is often nothing more than a way to keep stress at bay and to keep fit, hence the spelling of the...

    5 Ways to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

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        By Charles Jackson     We all want to live longer and healthier but, the temptation to procrastinate, forget about our diets and indulge in everything that is...

    Cutting Down on Toxin Consumption

    By Susan M. Keenan ©2007 Cutting down on toxin consumption is a vital part of maintaining optimum health. Today, more than ever, our consumption of toxins is relatively high due...

    Beet Juice: 5 Fantastic Benefits for Your Health

    The beet is a root vegetable that can be cooked, boiled, or baked, and many people are beginning to consume it as a juice in order to easily take advantage...

    Why You Need to Rethink the Idea of "No Pain, No Gain" in Exercise

    By Wanda Marie Thibodeaux   It's a mantra heard thousands of times for decades in gyms across the country: "No pain, no gain!" Although the trainers who spouted this idea...

    6 Ways to Get More Energy

      Do you often feel sluggish and slow? There are various reasons why lethargy may creep into your body and mind. Addressing them can help you gain vitality. At the...

    How To Get Started Doing Yoga

    There's a lot of buzz in the air regarding the health benefits of doing yoga. A number of sources, both anecdotal and peer reviewed, discuss the increases in circulation, strength,...

    Three Things You Didn’t Know about Prenatal Yoga

    Most of us already know that keeping yourself active is a major To Do when you’re pregnant. Did you know, though, that yoga is one of the best prenatal exercises?...

    What You Need to Know about Running

    While we all know that running is an ideal way to achieve your target weight and get into shape, not everyone is convinced that this simple exercise is beneficial to...

    What Kind of Yogi Are You?

    Are you a yoga enthusiast? Do you consider it as part of your daily routine? Whether you are performing yoga as a lifestyle or a weight-loss exercise, you should belong...

    Relaxation and Stress

    In today's busy and demanding times, relaxation and stress are common topics to discuss. Have you ever felt as if you are so tense that you are about to snap?...

    Are You Physically Fit?

     Are you physically fit? Many men and women feel that their daily work provides them with enough exercise for fitness. Running up and down stairs or standing all day at...

    A Glimpse at Yoga: Is it For You?

    The word yoga has its roots in the Sanskrit language and means “to merge, join, or unite”. It is a form of exercise based on the belief that the body and...

    How to Stay Hydrated this Summer

      Summer is supposed to be fun but if you are suddenly rushed to the hospital because of dehydration, that may take out the fun of the season. Here are...

    Get a Flat Belly with this 15-Minute Yoga Workout with Fitness Expert Jill Brown

    Learn the 15-minute yoga workout! Do you know that regular yoga practice can help you achieve a flat tummy faster than doing thousands of crunches? When done properly, yoga movements...

    Physical and Mental Benefits of Yoga

    Physical and Mental Benefits of Yoga Yoga is all about "balance" – not just in our body, but in our mind, as well. Yoga brings balanced moderation in every aspect...

    The Art Of Slow: A Guide To Unhurried Living

    At Green Apple Active we love our hustle.  The rush of a fast paced run, or the excitement of making a tight deadline energizes us.  That being said, we also...

    Green Apple Guest Post: 5 Superfoods for Great Energy

    Smoothie to Reduce Post Workout "ouch"

      We have all been there, it's the day after a tough new workout & you are feeling the burn!  Well, Green Apple Active is here to help.  First off,...

    Your First Yoga Class

      If you are intrigued by yoga and are thinking about taking a class, it can be a bit intimidating wondering what to expect. What supplies do you need? How...

    Importance of a Balanced Diet for a Healthy Lifestyle

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    Green Apple Active Guest Post: Top 5 Tips for Lean Abs

    Green Apple Active Guest Post: Top 5 Tips for Lean Abs
    We are so excited to share this super informative post from fitness professional Sara Holliday! Are you concerned about your abs? Besides looking attractive, having lean abdominals reduces your risk...

    Yoga: Not Just for Staying Fit!

     The ancient practice of yoga is more than just a series of exercises to improve flexibility; it is a deeply spiritual experience that reawakens the mind at the same time...

    Fitness Guru Kathy Smith - Kettleball DVD

    Here is the latest DVD from world-renowned fitness expert, Kathy Smith wearing Green Apple organic active wear.  Kathy is a true veteran & inspiration with over 16 million videos sold...

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