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Over the past 29 years, Green Apple Active founder and veteran athletic designer Cristofer Smith and his team have pioneered several brands with wild success, winning several international design awards for his unique fusion of comfort and style. As the brand architect behind names such as Urban Flex, Avia, and So Sporty, and many more private label brands Cristofer has earned a reputation and respect within the active apparel industry for mastery over his craft. In 2005, Cristofer turned his attention to sustainability and founded a new company called Green Apple. The company was pioneered with the vision to innovate and create new organic and biodegradable products for the active lifestyle customer.

The clothing you wear and the fabrics you place on your skin are just as important as the foods and nutrients you put into your body. Green Apple Active is passionate about creating products that provide a natural and healthier alternative to the chemical-laden synthetic fibers that have flooded the activewear market. We use only natural raw materials such as organically grown bamboo and Certified Organic Cotton in all of our apparel. All of our factories are WRAP certified and approved for fair labor conditions. In 2020 we have a new Eco Air Tek bamboo, a super soft breathable and antibacterial technology that doesn’t sacrifice the principles that make our bamboo clothing great. This was a tremendous breakthrough within the active apparel industry, and it is included in all of our Green Apple Active products. With Comfort & Support, you will find a UVA/UVB protection, moisture wicking, quick dry, odor-inhibiting, and biodegradable material that won’t harm you or the planet.

All Green Apple began in 2008 and our products are branded and packaged with sustainable materials right from the beginning.

Some information rarely seen nor shared by everyday people is the #UnitedNations Report of Environmental Programme. The UNEP Frontier 2016 Report can be seen online and on page 39 you will find the truth about synthetic textiles and it's consequences to our ecosystem through a graphic chart of microplastic particles in wastewater that show textiles (fiber) are 80% of the wastewater pollution with plastic bags and packaging at 2%. This is horrendous to say the least so we are doing something about this and doing with affordability, comfort, performance and style so please keep with nature and produce the karma that active souls so enjoy. (A footnote from the Norwegian Environmental Agency found that emission of microplastic in wastewater from washing one synthetic clothing item in one wash to release 1900 microplastic fibers.) More than any other personal care product including cosmetics.

At Green Apple Active, we are always striving for more sustainable innovation within our manufacturing and development. We can’t wait to share our latest creations with you!

Without compromising on performance, fit, or style, Green Apple Active delivers an organic, vegan, and biodegradable bamboo product line which is key to our planet’s future as well as to all living creatures.

Live Organic. Live free.

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Cristofer Smith-VPO, Visionary Passion Officer

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