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If you would like to lose weight, have glowing skin, develop a flexible body or enhance your mind and body in any way, yoga can help you achieve it all. Although yoga has been perceived to be limited to poses and asanas, the benefits go beyond the physical level. Yoga unites the mind, breath, and mind. When all your body components are in harmony, your journey through all life’s aspects becomes happy, calm and fulfilling.

So, what does yoga have to offer? Let’s dive in!

1.     Creates awareness and transformation

Yoga builds awareness, and the more aware you are, the easier it is to break free from negative emotions such as anger. Studies show that chronic anger and hostility are linked to heart attacks, increased cholesterol, and diabetes. Yoga reduces anger by boosting the feelings of interconnection and compassion by soothing the mind and the nervous system. It also helps yogis to stay calm even in the face of unsettling events and bad news. You can react speedily as you should, but you will take time to choose a thoughtful approach that will caution you and other people from suffering.

2.     Boosts self-esteem

Most people have at least one moment of feeling down and inadequate. If you handle these moments negatively, such as by working too hard, overeating and taking drugs, your body will pay the price of poor health. Rather than choosing the detrimental path, you can decide to stay positive by practicing yoga. It will give you an idea of sustained views that you are worthwhile and you are a manifestation of the divine. If you practice yoga frequently, with the intention of examining and improving yourself, you will experience feelings of gratitude and a sense that you are part of something big.

3.     Gives your lungs more space to breathe

Yogis take few, deep breaths, which are efficient and calming. Yoga promotes breathing via the nose, which not only filters the air, but it also warms and humidifies it. Dry air is likely to prompt asthma attacks in sensitive people.

4.     It helps with weight loss

Although yoga has been considered aerobic activity, some yoga poses are more physical than others. Intense and active yoga poses can help burn lots of calories and prevent weight loss. If you combine yoga with a supplement such as the Garcinia Cambogia extract, your weight loss endeavors will be highly fruitful. If you are wondering how the Garcinia extract works, consider reading this review by Healthy Heroics.  Practicing yoga also helps in developing muscle tone and boosting metabolism.

5.     Improves your balance

When you practice yoga, your ability to feel what your body is doing in whatever space, also known as proprioception, increases significantly. This consequently improves balance. If you have been struggling with poor posture or irregular moving patterns, the increased balance will improve your steps. For the senior, this means that they are independent and do not have to be admitted to nursing homes early. Yoga can give you great balance and more.

6.     Frees tension from your limbs

Have you ever found yourself holding on the steering wheel or the telephone with a scrunching on your face? Such unconscious habits can result in muscle fatigue, chronic tension, and soreness in the face, arms, neck, wrists, and face, which can worsen your mood and increase your stress levels. When practicing yoga, you start noticing when you hold on to tension for a long time. All you need to release some pressure from your eyes and tongue is to tune in. As for larger muscles like the buttocks, trapezius, and quadriceps, you will need to practice for a while before learning how to relax them.

7.     Makes you happier

Are you always feeling sad and down? If so, you should consider practicing yoga. Consistent yoga practice has been found to improve depression symptoms and increase serotonin levels significantly. It also decreases the hormone monoamine oxidase, which is the enzyme that breaks down cortisol, which is the stress hormone.

8.     Increases your blood flow

When you start practicing yoga, your blood will get pumping in all your body parts. The relaxation moves you learn in yoga are most beneficial for this. They help in enhancing your circulation, particularly to the feet and hands. Eventually, there will be more oxygen in your cells, which means they function excellently. Twisting poses are known to wire blood to all body parts when the twist is released. The shoulder stand, handstand, and headstand encourage blood flow from the pelvis and legs to the heart and lungs. This will help if you have swelling in your feet from kidney and heart problems.

Several studies have confirmed the usefulness of yoga, both physically and mentally. When you incorporate the practice into your routine, you are bound to have enhanced health, better flexibility, and increased strength. Find time to practice yoga at least twice in a week if you want to experience evident differences to your health. 

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Elizabeth Whitley
Elizabeth Whitley

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