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If you thought that your Green Apple Active yoga pants couldn’t get any better...you were wrong! We now are incorporating spandex technology. This revolutionary technology eliminates many common concerns found with yoga pants, and makes your favorite Green Apple yoga pants even better. Read on to see how spandex can make your yoga pants even better!

Eliminates Elastane Grin-Through

I know… what? Elastane grin-through sounds mysterious, but it is really just that sad look your yoga pants get when they are stretched too much, and the fibers don’t remain uniform in color and appearance. This grin-through, or glitter, results in worn-looking patches that cannot be repaired; the actual fibers are broken. What you are seeing is the broken loops of the elastane fabric that result from extreme stress on the fabric. Spandex technology virtually eliminates all elastane grin-through to give you performance yoga pants that can handle all of your stretching.

Resistant to the Elements

Spandex can stand up to any element you throw its way. Spandex has superior UV resistance, so your time in the sun doesn’t have to ruin your athletic wear. Another big culprit that leads to breakdown in fibers is sweat. Any good workout is going to make you sweat, make sure that your yoga pants can stand up to the sweat. Lotions, sunscreens and chlorine can also hasten a garment's demise; spandex resists these elements and holds its color and shape. spandex acts as a shield to fabric fibers, and protects against damage from the sun, sweat and chemicals.

Performance Power

Because spandex shields and protects fabric from outside elements, and keeps the fibers from breaking, it can stand up to the toughest workouts. Activewear that can go the distance and last through many workouts means a better product for you that performs better and lasts longer. If you put your yoga wear to the test with extreme stretches and moves, spandex can help your yoga pants keep up with you. Once your pants are stressed and worn they will never look the same, but spandex technology ensures beautiful, great-performing activewear.

Color Staying Power

We all want our athletic wear to look like it did the first day we bought it. With the spandex technology, your yoga pants will have improved color retention with less fading. Spandex utilizes the first truly black elastane, and can keep it’s rich dark color due to a spun-in pigment. You can keep your yoga pants looking new, with a deep, dark color, thanks to black spandex. You won’t have to worry about colors bleeding or rubbing off, the color stays on your pants where it belongs.

So, yes, your yoga pants can get better! Try out the durability, color fastness and extreme performance of fabric with the spandex technology. Green Apple Active is debuting our organic yoga pants made with spandex technology to make your favorite athletic wear even better.Shop our activewear today to find your new favorite pair!

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