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Yoga fashion is taking off, and many eco-friendly brands provide activewear made from recycled synthetics. However, there are concerns about the impacts of microplastics in our oceans, so it may be time for an even better solution--natural organic plant-based fibers. 

So, if you’re looking for eco-friendly, organic yoga shorts which are both comfortable and sustainable, try buying your next piece from Green Apple Active. All materials used in our activewear can be recycled or replaced and are very gentle on the skin.


What to Look for When Buying Organic Yoga Shorts? 

Is it Breathable? 

The breathability of bamboo fabrics makes them an excellent material for keeping you cool and comfortable. For example, bamboo organic yoga shorts have micro-gaps that allow ventilation to occur naturally, which drives moisture towards the surfaces of each fiber; this is why bamboo will never snag or cause blockages in its weave like other materials might do!


Is it Moisture-Wicking? 

The micro-gaps in the bamboo fibers allow air to flow easily while also wicking moisture away from your body, keeping you cool during the hot and humid summer months! 

Is it Versatile? 

It's hard to beat the feeling of not only working out but also looking good while doing so. That is why we designed our activewear shorts with ease and comfort in mind - you can wear them for practice all day long or just head off on your errands; we make that transition that simple!


Is the Fit Supportive? 

When testing organic yoga shorts, the most important thing to focus on is whether they provide the support and comfort you need. Exercising with total ease will allow you to concentrate on working out solely! Our motto at Green Apple embodies soft, sustainable designs that avoid tricky hooks, fastenings, or zippers. 

Is it Crease Resistant?

Bamboo organic yoga shorts need not be ironed! The unique properties of bamboo fibers make them impossible to wrinkle and hold their shape exceptionally well even after frequent washing.


Sustainable + Organic Activewear: Made from Organic Bamboo 

Pioneers of Bamboo Comfort, Performance, and Style, Green Apple Active has been making organic and bio-degradable products since 2005. As a result, we stock an impressive range of Organic, sustainable Activewear for women. In addition, we offer an extensive line of women’s yoga shorts using the highest-grade, natural, plant-based materials.


Now you know what does sustainability have to do with fashion? Everything. Green Apple is for creating clothes the way nature intends - without any unnecessary toxins or chemicals that can be harmful both spiritually and physically! 

Hurry! This summer, beat the heat down and reassess your wardrobe with Green Apple’s comfortable, breathable, and super soft organic basics yoga shorts! 

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Nikita Parihar
Nikita Parihar

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