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For years, the activewear industry has been developing sportswear built from man-made fibers in search of the ultimate breathable, moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating, anti-bacterial, and comfortable solution. 

Bamboo activewear has become a perfect solution for all the challenges people face with synthetic activewear.

Bamboo is not only a favorite diet of pandas and a sturdy construction material but also an excellent material for yoga gear.

According to the latest study published in the International Journal of Heat Sciences, fabrics with a more significant percentage of bamboo fibers gave a higher level of thermal regulation.

Bamboo microfibers have microscopic holes in their structure that allow for ventilation. Bamboo clothing keeps the body cool in hot temperatures since it is breathable.

Bamboo is your best sustainable fabric that is excellent for both you and the environment. Continue reading to explore the benefits of bamboo.

Incredible Benefits of Bamboo Activewear

1. Sustainable

Bamboo plants grow exceptionally quickly and require little care. They thrive in sunlight and are among the world's fastest-growing plants. Their extensive roots help to maintain soil strength and water levels.

Cutting down a "mother plant" also helps it grow quicker and create new stems without any chemicals. It degrades faster than oil-based synthetics also. As a result, bamboo activewear is sustainable and renewable too.

2. Moisture-Wicking Property

Bamboo is extremely absorbent and wicks moisture away from the body three to four times faster than cotton. Bamboo activewear keeps the wearer drier, cooler, and more comfortable in hot, humid weather and does not stick to the skin.

It traps warm air in its cross-sectional fibers under cold temperatures. Bamboo cloth is one of the most absorbent fabrics on the earth, being 60% more absorbent than cotton and hence the best choice for all types of activewear. 

3. Anti-Bacterial 

Bamboo activewear is anti-bacterial. Bamboo's natural anti-bacterial qualities inhibit the growth of bacteria. In addition, bamboo plants contain a potent antimicrobial substance known as "bamboo Kun" which makes bamboo anti-bacterial. For yoga and workouts, bamboo activewear is a much-needed outfit as its anti-bacterial properties will make you free from germs lurking in the dark.

4. Eco-Friendly

Bamboo trees not only grow faster but they also use far less water than cotton. Bamboo fabrics also require less water later in the manufacturing process. When colored, the fabric takes color considerably more easily than cotton or other materials.

This implies that fewer water and chemicals are used to create colorful bamboo activewear. And, while we're on the subject of chemicals, did you know that bamboo doesn't need fertilizer or pesticides to grow tall?

5.Natural Alternative to the Synthetic Activewear

Most activewear is constructed of synthetic materials such as polyester to make it stretchy and dry-fit. The issue is that microplastics are discharged into our environment when you wash synthetic garments.

Bamboo is a terrific natural alternative that works just as well as synthetic wear and yoga gear. Bamboo activewear is an excellent choice if you want natural fabric activewear.

6. Breathable

The bamboo fabric breathes alongside. Breathable fabric is essential for any clothing, but it is especially vital for active wear. For example, you want training clothing that breathes with you while still keeping you cool and comfortable. Bamboo activewear will undoubtedly provide these advantages. 

7. Soft Fabric

Bamboo fabric is soft and smooth against the skin. You might not expect a woody plant like bamboo to create such silky smooth fabric, but it does. So when you choose bamboo activewear, you will feel comfortable after a tiring workout.

To obtain the greater softness and high-quality feel that leaves bamboo fabrics feeling softer than silk, most bamboo fabrics are manufactured from a blend of bamboo viscose rayon fibers and organic cotton.

8. Anti-Fungal

Bamboo activewear is anti-fungal in nature. But, you know there is a lot of stress with the workouts. Sweat comes with germs, and it will create problems for you. So, swap your old activewear for new bamboo activewear to keep you protected.

9. Hypoallergenic

Bamboo clothing is hypoallergenic in nature. Bamboo trees, as you may know, do not require pesticides to thrive. This means that you will have fewer toxins on your skin in the future. Aside from that, bamboo activewear is an excellent alternative for persons with sensitive skin or allergies because bamboo is inherently hypoallergenic. 

10. Odor Resistant

If you've ever bought synthetic activewear, you know that no matter how well you wash it, it tends to trap the stink of sweat after a while. This is because synthetic materials are not naturally odor-resistant, and the hazardous chemicals sprayed upon the raw material to help it drain away moisture eventually cause scents to become trapped in the fibers.

Bamboo has anti-bacterial characteristics, which means it inhibits the growth of germs and fungus, which can build up in the fibers and generate odor over time. 

11. Wrinkle-Resistant

Bamboo cloth is naturally wrinkle-resistant. That's a fantastic feature in sportswear because it helps you look your best and makes your bamboo activewear portable. Throw it in your suitcase or gym bag, and you're ready to go - no need for compulsive packing and folding tactics. Bamboo is the ultimate low-maintenance fabric.

12. UV Protection

Due to the composition of its fibers, which block 98 percent of the sun's UV rays, bamboo linen fabric offers natural sun protection. Bamboo fabric has a UPF of 50+, which means you'll be protected from the sun's harmful rays in all regions covered by your apparel. No matter how aware you are about applying sunscreen before going outside, a little extra protection is always welcome.

13. Thermal Regulation (Thermodynamic)

Bamboo grows well in hot, humid regions. This means that the bamboo plant's fiber is ideally adapted to control your body's temperature. A bamboo fiber cross-section reveals that the fibers are loaded with small holes that improve ventilation and moisture absorption.

As a result, the bamboo activewear keeps the user cooler and dryer in warm and humid situations and warmer in cooler and drier conditions, indicating that you have dressed adequately for the weather regardless of the season.

14. Chemical Free

If you have skin that gets irritated, allergic skin, or simply want to help protect the environment from harmful chemicals, you'll appreciate that bamboo fabrics are chemical-free. However, during the production process, many chemicals are often put into synthetic materials to give them the performance features you've come to know and expect from your activewear.

Give yourself a favor and enjoy the magical properties of bamboo activewear for yourself!


Nikita Parihar
Nikita Parihar

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