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As soon as you take that pregnancy test and it comes out positive, the fatigue of pregnancy and back pain begins. You can no longer hop around and be equally active. You don’t feel as comfortable in your bed as before and the morning sickness does not let you leave it either.

So, what does one do to get rid of the clenching pain in the back during pregnancy? Fret not! With these easy and safe tips, you cannot only reduce your backache greatly, but also stay active throughout the day and sleep peacefully in your bed at night.

So, read through and thank me later!

Get Comfortable Shoes

If you are a to-be mother who loves wearing high heels and wedges, it is about time you change your habit a little. Get a pair or two of flat and soft-soled shoes or slippers which do not shift pressure of your body on your heels only. Wearing the right and comfortable shoes will ensure a good balance of the body. Avoid wearing heels completely throughout pregnancy.

Lift Objects the Right Way

If you lift the objects by bending your waist, it puts all the pressure on your back and leaves you with back pain. Therefore, change the way you lift now. Instead of bending your waist, start bending your legs like you squat and then lift the object. It will keep the pressure on the legs and prevent the back or the belly from bearing the burden.

Get a Gentle Massage

A gentle back massage work like a charm for all the pregnant women and there is no better treat during the pregnancy. Therefore, call masseuse or just use your heating pad to under your back while you lie down and relax. It will help relieve the stress in the muscles and improve the blood flow as well.

Rest on Your Side with a Special Pillow

Do not sleep on your back as it will exert pressure on it and then leave it aching. There is this special pillow for pregnant women in the market that you can buy and sleep on. It improves the resting position and prevents the pain in back and the body. The pillow is huge and you can even put your leg on it. Sleep on your side comfortably while all the pressure gets shifted on the pillow.

Gently Exercise and Yoga Regularly

Regular gentle exercise like a morning stroll and few stretching poses of yoga can help improve your physical health during pregnancy. It will also help relieve back pain and ease the labor pain as well. However, do consult your healthcare provider if you can perform these exercises because each pregnancy is different from the other.

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