The Solution to Your Slump. Keep Exercising.

Today was really one of those days.  A day where it took everything I had to make myself drive to the gym, instead of home, after work.  (Which, for a self-professed gym bunny is not my norm.)  I felt tired, grumpy, unfocused, and I sure was craving something sweet and starchy.

On days like this, I give myself an out.  I drive to the gym and get started.  If I’m still not feeling it after 10 minutes, I can leave.  Usually, I hit my stride shortly after I start exercising.  But, not today.

I checked in, grabbed a sweat towel, and started on the treadmill.  After 10 minutes, my mood hadn’t improved and the workout playlist was grating on my nerves.  As for the crowd of people at the gym - well, that made me want to scream.  Time for a gut check.

I slowed the treadmill down so I was moving, but just barely.  Then, I wiped my sweat and had some water.  After a few minutes of recovery, I was ready to run again.  In fact, I managed to work in some hill sprints at a 5.0 pace and a 30 degree incline.  Whew!  

My solution is always effective:  I keep going. 

The payoff?  My mood has improved to a tolerable level, and I’m glad I got my workout in.  Mostly, though, my little struggle today is a reminder, that every accomplishment in my life has been a result of showing up and working hard.  Not because of guaranteed success, or instant gratification, but because those two things consistently lead to the best possible outcome.  

When my clients ask how to make it through a tough day at the gym, I tell them the most important thing to do is to just get there, no excuses.  Then, I give them my out:  You can do anything for 10 minutes, right?  

Tanya Thompson, Personal Trainer and Green Apple Active Ranger

Ryan Janeway September 10, 2018

I definitely agree, I can only finish what I start. Well said!

Allison September 10, 2018

This is why you see me every week. I always feel better physically and mentally after my hour with you. Thank you for being a part of the best hour of my week.

Lacey September 12, 2018

This is such great advice! After a crazy summer with the kids home I’m trying to get back into a regular workout routine and this advice is perfect for me!

Bonita September 17, 2018

Great advice! I managed to get my act together after reading this article and made it to the gym for a “10 minute” workout. Jack Ryan kept me there for an hour and a half!

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