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Why Raw Honey is the Natural Choice

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by beconrad



Raw honey is different from almost anything else we eat or drink. Unlike nearly everything else we consume, honey was intended from the start to be a source of nutrition and natural energy. Worker bees diligently scour the fields and harvest the flowers, and they bring the end result back to the hive to nourish the queen and the rest of their fellow bees. The fact that honey is a whole food is an important consideration, and one of the factors that makes this sweetener so special.


Raw honey just may be nature's most perfect food, and its nutritional value goes far beyond the hive where it originated. Honey has a number of important health benefits, from the ability to soothe colds and calm sore throats to antimicrobial and antifungal properties.


From ancient times, people have known that raw honey had healing properties, and they took full advantage of those healthful benefits. In modern times we now know that raw honey is particularly good at feeding the good bacteria in our bodies.


The human body is filled with bacteria; some of those bacteria are dangerous and can make us ill, but others help preserve a healthful balance in our system. The overuse of antibiotics often upsets this balance, killing off the good bacteria along with the old. Adding honey to your diet nourishes the good bacteria and helps them survive the antibiotic onslaught.


Raw honey does more than preserve the good bacteria in your body; it can also destroy the bad. While no one is suggesting using honey in place of antibiotics, adding honey to your diet can enhance the effects of the medication and help it work more effectively. Raw honey, in particular is known to have antibacterial properties, much more so than processed honey.


In addition to its role in fighting infections and restoring balance to our bodies, raw honey has another important benefit. Our mothers and grandmothers often used honey to soothe sore throats and calm coughs in their children. They found that dissolving honey in warm water with lemon or mixing it with a bit of yogurt was a great way to make a sore throat feel better fast.


Books dedicated to folk remedies and homemade cold preparations are filled with honey-based recipes, from honey-based baked goods and sweet treats to drinks that include honey as the main ingredient.


The usefulness of raw honey as a homemade cold remedy is particularly exciting for many moms and dads. Parents are often reluctant to give their children too many commercial cold remedies. They may worry about the dosage or fear that using the medicine too often could be counterproductive. Soothing a cold or sore throat with natural raw honey is a great way for worried parents to make their kids feel better without resorting to expensive over-the-counter cold preparations.


Whether you are looking for a healthier alternative to refined sugar and high-fructose corn syrup, a natural approach to treating colds and sore throats or just a delicious way to start the day, it is hard to beat raw honey. Raw Honey is a wholesome food, a sweet treat and a great way to get in tune with nature.

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