Balancing Life and Yoga

October 22, 2014 2 min read

Meet Danessa – wife, mom and yogini!

We’ve all been there – too busy, too tired, or too stressed out to make it to yoga. We hear you! That’s why we’re featuring one of our Green Apple advocate Danessa, today! She manages to combine being a loving mom, a successful wife and a yogini all in one- while running a yoga studio in the beautiful island of Cebu in the Philippines. Whew! Let’s find out how she makes it look so easy.
How long have you been doing yoga? Why did you go into it? 

I have been doing yoga for 3 years now thru my friends. Yoga not only keeps me in shape but also helps my mind and my body to relax. It helps me jumpstart my day. In fact, I would do yoga at home by myself in our garden whenever I can't make it to the studio. 

How long have you been teaching yoga? When was Yoga Hub Cebu put up? What's the rationale of this business? 

I taught  yoga for kids during Yogahub's first few months of operations. (I had to stop since I found out I was pregnant. I had terrible morning sickness).  My main function on the studio was more focused on the administrative side. Yoga Hub was put up mainly to cater to those who would want to experience yoga in Cebu and enjoy the tranquility of the mind, body, and soul. The rationale of the business is to motivate everyone to practice a healthy lifestyle amidst the busy schedules through the practice of YOGA. 

How does being a yoga mom help in your mommy roles, if any? 

Being a wife and a mother of 3 is a full-time job that requires you 24/7 job and I cannot afford to get sick. Daily yoga helps me stay fit and healthy. Even when I was pregnant last year I joined the pre-natal yoga classes too and it really helped relieve me from my morning sickness. 

There you have it, guys! Even when busy, there’s always time for yoga. It’s not a luxury – it can be a necessity as it helps you keep healthy and fit enough for the kids. Expecting moms can also do pre-natal yoga to help them through their pregnancy check out our last post:Three Things You Didn't Know About Pre-Natal Yoga. Of course, while we’d love to practice with Danessa, if you can’t make it to Yoga Hub make sure your own yoga studio helps you find the right balance between yoga and the rest of your life. And lastly, yoga can be done anywhere. If you can’t find time to get to practice, why don’t you try some moves at home?

To inspire you to make some more time for yoga this week, check out some more photos of Danessa doing her thing in Green Apple Activewear. Our items are made of sustainable bamboo, so it’s eco-friendly. Why Eco? Danessa loves our leggingsand yoga pants Do drop by and let us know your favorite piece!
Green Apple
Green Apple

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