Breaking the "Rules"

December 10, 2014 2 min read

It’s time for more inspiring, real-life stories from our Green Apple Advocates! This time around, we’d love for you to meet Kia Miller. Kia’s life sounds like a fairy-tale: growing up riding horses across wild acres, moving to urban England and falling in love with yoga early on, then making films, modeling, and travelling the world. 

However, what we think we love most about Kia Miller is how she’s not afraid to go ahead and see new ways of doing things, regardless of what “should” and “shouldn’t” be done. Whether it’s about chasing her passion to make films and model instead of choosing a more stereotypical career, then turning her back on that to pursue yoga and film making, or travelling the world first instead of settling down immediately, Kia follows her heart and it’s led her to some great places!

The same goes for her yoga practice. Kia’s classes pull from different yoga practices to form Radiant Yoga, which combines Kundalini yoga and Vinyasa yoga. For Kia, doing so allows practitioners to not just get the physical benefits of yoga that many classes stress, but also lets her stress pranayama (breathing) as well as meditation. Not only do you get stronger and more flexible physically, but there is an active move towards strengthening your inner energy and connecting with yourself as well.

Kia’s success shows us that while sometimes rules are there for a reason, often taking the initiative to explore new ways of doing things can lead to great discoveries. We love this story, since Green Apple is the same way. We discovered that great yoga clothes need not be chemical-laden or unsustainable. Our clothes are made of bamboo, so they’re naturally antibacterial and lets us preserve our relationship with the earth, but also let us feel indulgent when we wear it. We’re constantly trying to find new ways to make it better – every day proving that just because “everyone else” is doing something, doesn’t make it the best way.

How about you, Green Apple fans? What “rules” are you thinking of breaking in order to explore a way that you think may have merit?

Green Apple
Green Apple

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