Disconnect and Explore!

December 12, 2014 2 min read

Cellphone beeping. Keyboards clacking. News stories popping up, emails coming in, piles of documents to be sent out… Is anyone else feeling a bit burnt out with the modern, Western world?

If you are, maybe we can all take inspiration from our newest advocate, Joan Hyman. Joan’s a brilliant yoga teacher and blogger based out of Los Angeles, and we’re so happy to have her on board!

While many of us use yoga as a way to bring balance into our modern lives, Joan takes it a step further, bringing her students to India, Bali, and other places that she loves. That’s because Joan believes that a true yoga journey is about getting to know Your Self – and the best way to do this, is to disconnect and go somewhere completely unfamiliar. This breaks down any walls you might have internally and allows you to go deeper and connect better with your heart. An added bonus is that India, a place that’s probably very different from most of our everyday lives, has a much deeper level of yoga and spiritual connection than the one we may experience here.

While we’re dying for all of you to experience a trip with Joan, or visit her in her studio, it’s probably not possible – and definitely not possible all the time! Why not go for the next best thing, and do something new this week? Visit a place of worship, a park, the beach… Anywhere you might feel better connected to Your Self. Let us know how it went!

We love Joan, because her adventurous, world-aware view is something we believe in too. That’s why we love supporting her with our apparel – our yoga pants, leggings, and more are made of bamboo so it’s sustainable, durable enough to handle globetrotting, and has antibacterial and deodorization properties so it can protect you as long as you need it. Want to be a Green Apple Advocate, too? Drop us a line!

See you soon, Green Apple Fans!

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