Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

December 10, 2014 1 min read

Yikes! That’s uncomfortable!

Sound familiar, Green Apple fans? It definitely does for us – whether it’s during practice as we try to deepen the pose or the day afterwards. It’s also familiar because it doesn’t just happen with our bodies. How many times have we been in uncomfortable situations and wished ourselves anywhere else but there? For that matter, how many times have we turned away from situations, didn’t smile at a stranger, didn’t go to that event, didn’t speak up for ourselves, because we felt it might be uncomfortable?

Our new Green Apple Advocate is deeply familiar with discomfort – because that’s the focus of her practice! Sound horrible? Actually, it’s because she believes positive change comes when people move out of their comfort zones. Now it makes sense, right?

Meet Jill Brown, and she definitely walks the walk! Despite being overweight once she hit college, and being unable to do a Stairmaster at the easiest setting for five minutes when she started working out, she is now a teacher and trainer at the top fitness gyms in the country. Definitely proof that temporary discomfort can lead to great results.

Her definition of training, “making your MIND comfortable with the fact that your BODY is going to be a little uncomfortable”, is one we could take to heart. Some discomfort just can’t be avoided, and shouldn’t be avoided. What matters is making your peace with it and realizing it’s necessary. Once we relax, just as with a stretch, we often find it’s not as difficult as we think.

Wishing you lots of positive change this week, Green Apple fans!
Green Apple
Green Apple

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