Three Things You Didn’t Know about Prenatal Yoga

October 15, 2014 2 min read

Most of us already know that keeping yourself active is a major To Do when you’re pregnant. Did you know, though, that yoga is one of the best prenatal exercises? Just think:

1. Yoga can help ease labor. Yoga teaches practitioners to focus on the moment and to accept the situation – whether painful or joyful. The ujjayi breath that accompanies each pose also relaxes the muscles and allows you to better manage pain and fear. Getting used to this in yoga class can obviously help once you’re in labor.

2. Yoga helps give you a community. While you may be the only pregnant woman in your usual circle of friends, prenatal yoga immediately gives you a circle of women who share your interests and are also going through the same things you are. Look forward to pre- or post-yoga chats about tough mornings, weird experiences, or just figuring out your baby’s name!

3. Yoga releases tension in your lower back, hips, chest, upper back, neck and shoulders. Yoga helps relax places that traditionally see stress as your belly and the baby get bigger. It also improves balance, which can be a blessing as you near your delivery date! Of course, though, support is crucial throughout. Find a great teacher that understands how to guide you through your practice as your baby develops, be aware and respect your changing limits, and of course wear the appropriate clothing! Did you know that the chemicals in the clothes you wear can penetrate your body, causing a host of illnesses and disrupting hormones? This is especially important as you exercise, since your pores open and allow even more of the chemicals to enter your bloodstream.

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