What You Need to Know about Running

June 25, 2014 1 min read

what you need to know about running

While we all know that running is an ideal way to achieve your target weight and get into shape, not everyone is convinced that this simple exercise is beneficial to all parts of the body. Running does not only improve our health, but lifts our mood and enhances our spirit, as well. Even a thirty-minute running routine everyday can boost our confidence, relieve stress, and even eliminate depression. Most importantly, since running requires the use of most of our muscles in the body, it effectively helps in losing weight, improving blood circulation, and preventing diseases.   If you aim to lose or control your body weight, improve your confidence, or simply maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle, you should definitely include running in your daily workout routine. As a beginner, here are some ways on how to get you started and keep you motivated in running.
  1. Identify your primary goals and objectives. The intensity and frequency of your running routine will depend on your reason for exercising.
  2. Find a suitable venue where you will be comfortable to run. It can be your school’s track and field, the nearby park, or a treadmill in your neighborhood gym.
  3. Invest in a good pair of running shoes that fits your feet perfectly and comfortably.
  4. Get a running buddy who will encourage you every time you feel too lazy to run.
  5. Don’t forget to track important figures before and after your running sessions to ensure that there is improvement in terms of your weight, speed, distance, and other statistics.
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