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Nourish Your Soul

Manage Yourself: Tips for Improving Self Control

Manage Yourself: Tips for Improving Self Control


Self-control is your ability to control your emotions, behavior and attitude towards others. It is about taking responsibility of your own actions and behavior.

In life as they say it, “what consumes your mind consumes your life “. And with that, it’s up to you on how you are going to deal with life as it is. 

A little self-control can go a long way. It can change not only yourself but the way you interact with and respond to others around you. Learn how you can improve it through these simple tips.

Identify What You are Trying to Control

Control over your job, emotions, eating, shopping, etc. It could be your reactions toward certain situations or (obsessive bad) habits.

Know your thoughts and beliefs that push you to behave in an uncontrolled manner.

Get to Know Yourself

Take time to have a “me time” and assess your strengths and weaknesses. Or, ask somebody you can trust to give you an honest personality assessment.

Observe your attitude and emotions. Know when and what aspects make you become angry or emotional and why and ADMIT it. Practice self honestly to avoid over rationalization. Knowing what you feel means you can do something to control it.


Pressure on the things that you need done increases when you take more than what you can handle. Avoid this by prioritizing things.

Decide on what's important and what's not. Make a list, write notes and consider ideas. Increase your productivity by organizing your activity according to deadlines and level of importance.

Manage Your Time

Use your time wisely. Take initiative. Know and plan how you are going to accomplish certain tasks and do it in a cost-efficient manner to allow you to achieve more with less.

Achieve Goals

Focus on what’s important. Be productive but more importantly, be efficient.

Do what you have planned. Measure your progress until you achieve your desired outcome. Stick to it and live with it.

Finish what you started no matter if you do it right or you do it wrong.

Be Active

Act with enthusiasm in everything that you do and enjoy every minute of it. Make everyday your best day and start each one with a big smile.

As much as possible, be kind and pleasant no matter what the situation is.

Deal with stress

Avoid worrying. Mostly, what you worry about will never happen.

Change your mood and do something different. Think something different than what you feel now. If you weren't happy, try something different today.

Don't get caught. Do better.

Soothe Yourself

When things get rough and it seems like it’s the end of the world right now, stressing yourself about the situation won’t do any good because it is already there or you are already in it.


When you feel calm, you will be more in control.

Resist Temptations

Say No.

Self destructive habits and temptations sometimes controls you. Saying "No" sometimes to certain things prevents you from deviating from something that you're already set out to do. 

Take care of yourself

Eat regularly and healthily. What you feed your body affects your energy and how you will feel.

Exercise improves determination and releases endorphin that triggers positive feelings which make you feel better and happy. Choose a form of exercise that you enjoy the most.

Sleep. Sleeping charges your body to make sure you have energy to be productive and energetic for the day. The longer you sleep, the happier and more productive you become.

Reward Yourself

When you set goals and achieve those goals, make a point of rewarding yourself. Setting rewards for accomplishments strictly help you in managing yourself easily.

Regular breaks and treats will help you improve your daily performance. Learn to enjoy and loosen up once in a while.

Self management is an essential key to make your life worthwhile. It is your responsibility to learn to manage yourself. Blaming others and complaining over bad situations will get you nowhere.

Sometimes, situations are not stressful because of the situations themselves. They only tend to be more troublesome  because we are not able to manage ourselves to better handle the situation.

It's never too late to start over and understand “you”. Deepen your understanding of your own self and you will know how to deal with life no matter what comes in your way.

Self-control can be learned. Practice and develop self-discipline to establish good habits, break bad ones and improve self-control.

Remember! “If you don’t manage yourself, somebody else is going to manage you”. (Anonymous)

It ALL Starts with YOU.

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Yoga and Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an important concept in Buddhism, which ultimately finds its origins in early Sanskrit Hindu texts. Today, there are psychological studies regularly done to find out how mindfulness can contribute to overall well-being.

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10 Ways to Nourish the Soul

You are made of 3 things: mind, body and soul. You put effort into nourishing your body with exercise and good food. You nourish your mind through education and learning. What are you doing to nourish your soul?

Life is full of pleasant and unpleasant moments. A balanced person with a strong spirit moves past life's challenges gracefully. A nourished soul finds abundance and joy in every moment.

Here are 10 ways you can nourish your soul:

1. Dance

Moving joyfully is one of the best ways to clear depression and apathy. Get up and dance to your favorite music. Your heart connects to your soul. Dancing activates the heart both physically and emotionally. Whether you dance with a group, or alone at home, dance lifts your mood and nourishes your spirit.

2. Dream

Action without purpose and direction is wasteful. Most of life's triumphs start with a dream. Successful people all have a habit in common: they dream big and create goals for success.

3. Practice yoga

The word yoga means to join or unite. Through the practice of deliberate postures, body movements and proper breathing, you improve your vitality and unite your body, mind and soul.

4. Help others

All humans have a calling in life. If you are living your soul purpose, share the wealth and help others find theirs. Forgetting about your needs and problems and focusing on making others happy is soul nourishing. Make time to share yourself and your talents with the world.

5. Have faith

Faith is one of the most powerful forces a human can connect to. Faith makes the accomplishment of your dreams possible by giving you the energy and confidence to move forward. Believe that there is divine support for you. You are not alone.

6. Breathe

Deep, conscious breathing nourishes the mind, body and soul. Proper, deep breathing releases toxins, carries oxygen to your entire body, relaxes your muscles and brings you a sense of well-being.

7. Meditate

There are many types of meditation. They are all beneficial, so pick your favorite type of practice. Meditation connects you to the quiet, calm and knowing state of your soul.

8. Have a joyful ritual

It is helpful to get away from toxic or stressful environments, even if just for 15 minutes a day. Find a place you love to visit, like a park or beach. Create a joyful ritual and visit the place you love. Go for a walk or sit and admire the view.

9. Be thankful

Gratitude is a powerful tool. Accepting things as they are and being thankful for them, attracts more things into your life to be grateful for.

10. Laugh

Find the time to connect with friends and loved ones and have a good laugh. Go see a comedy, relive old, funny memories or share the latest funny stories with someone special.

A nourished soul creates a sense of wholeness that not only improves your well-being, but the well-being of those around you.

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Nourish Your Soul by Listening to Your Inner Voice


by beconrad


If you sit quietly, the still small voice will tell you where you need to be and what you need to do. Unfortunately, many of us are so busy we never get a chance to hear our inner voices, let alone listen to them. Modern life can be a hectic place, and it can be hard to see the hand of a benevolent creator behind all the chaos.
That does not mean that our spiritual creator is not there, however. If you listen to your heart and get in touch with your soul, you will find the creator waiting for you. No matter how busy your day or harried your life, there is always time to nourish your soul and listen to that still small voice.
Start (and End) Each Day with Quiet Reflection
It can be hard to get in touch with your soul if your mind keeps racing. Instead of crawling out of bed, getting dressed and rushing off to work, set the alarm clock a few minutes early. Use those precious first moments of wakefulness to meditate or just quietly reflect on the day ahead. Think about your spiritual life, the important connections you have with family and friends and how you can use their love to gain strength and tackle the day.
Do the same thing before you turn in for the evening. Instead of watching TV or answering email, just sit back, relax and reflect on the day's events. You do not have to meditate (although you can if you wish). The key is to relax your mind and body and listen to what your soul is telling you.
Create Your Own Daily Affirmation
We all like to get a pat on the back sometimes, but modern life does not provide many reassuring pats. Chances are your boss does not heap praise on you every morning, and your kids may be too wrapped up in their own lives to tell you what a great parent you are.
No matter how indifferent the outside world is, you do not have to go without that spiritual pat on the back. Creating your own daily affirmations is a great way to feel better about yourself and start every day off on a good note. Whether you create a formal book of your favorite affirmations or just keep them in your head, this simple exercise can provide deep nourishment for your soul.
Design Your Own Prayer Book
Whether you are classically religious or just spiritually oriented, designing your own prayer book can be a great way to nourish your soul and a live a more fulfilling life. There is a reason prayer books have such a long history in the spiritual world, and having such a tome at your disposal can be quite reassuring.
Your prayer book does not have to be anything fancy. You do not need an elaborate cover or expensive paper. It is what you put between those covers and on that paper that counts. Carry your prayer book with you as you go about your day-to-day life. Use it to record your thoughts and feelings and look for ways to live a deeper, more spiritual and fulfilled life.
Enrich Your Environment
There is a reason people travel around the world to see the Louvre, the Met, the Prado and other great museums. The best art uplifts us, touches our souls and gives us a glimpse of the divine. You may not be able to afford a Picasso or a Monet, but enriching your home (and work) environment is a great way to nourish your soul.
Whether you adorn your office wall with a favorite art print or hang your kid's favorite watercolor on the fridge so you can view at as you cook dinner, these visual cues can nourish your soul and make you feel good all day long.
It can be hard to break through the clutter of modern life and hear your soul talking, but it is important to try nonetheless. No matter what your religious or spiritual tradition, nourishing your soul is good for your well being and your personal growth.

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How to Love Your Life

If you've ever looked at someone else's life and found yourself dissatisfied with your own, you're human. When you allow that dissatisfaction to grow and linger, however, it's time to put aside your envy and figure out how to love your own life instead.

Count Your Blessings

When you feel that your life leaves a lot to be desired, sit down and make a list of all things for which you have to be thankful. Include big blessings and small. A loving husband, a good job and an upcoming vacation are larger blessings that may be part of your life. Smaller blessings may include something as simple as the ability to make killer macaroni and cheese, a lush green lawn or great-looking hair. No matter how big or small, if it's something that makes you happy, add it to the list.

Get a New Perspective

While your life may seem dull and familiar to you, consider how it looks to others. Although you may be tired of schlepping the kids from one activity to another, the woman down the street who wants a baby desperately may look at your kids and think how fortunate you are to have such a talented brood. Your old friend from college may envy you your thin, svelte body without realizing that it came about as a result of immeasurable hours at the gym. Realize that while your life may seem ordinary to you, it may appear idyllic to those around you.

Take Off the Rose-Colored Glasses

Just as people don't see behind the scenes when they look at your life, you don't see the hidden nuances of theirs either. Realize that the movie star you admire who seemed to rise to sudden fame really worked as a waitress for the past decade, taking whatever parts she could get before she skyrocketed to the top. When you only have an outsider's view of someone else's life, their circumstances appear perfect, making your life pale in comparison. If you knew the whole story, though, you'd realize that everyone has their ups and downs.

Lose the Apathy

Many of us become apathetic about our lives at some point. When that happens to you, ask yourself where the excitement went. What used to cause you to spring out of bed early in the morning, eager to get on with the day? Whether it was the novel you were writing, the promise of a new relationship or a cross-country move, think back to a time when you were excited about your life and do your best to replicate that feeling. While it may be something entirely new at this stage in your life, throw yourself into a new project and see if you can recapture that sense of magic and enthusiasm.

Almost everyone gets bored with their day-to-day existence at some point. It's only natural. When you start thinking that you'd rather live someone else's life rather than your own, though, it's time to reevaluate. By either focusing on what's good about your life or changing those things you're not happy with, you, too, can learn to love your life again.

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