Brrr!  It’s been a chilly spring and it looks like it’s not about to lighten up anytime soon! These days, the Green Apple team’s been finding it so much more tempting to curl up under the blankets with a cup of soup. Raise your hand if you agree!

While we have been relatively good about making time to practice yoga, we’ve been LIVING in these green apple yoga point leg warmer pants. They’re made of thermal-regulating super cozy Bamboo French terry, so they keep you warm and toasty. The drawstring waistband keeps the fit exactly the way we like it – relaxed. The best part is the extended leg warmer portion that can be bunched up around the ankle or snapped and pulled down around the foot like a sock. You can’t get better than that! 

Like all Green Apple products, this unique sweat legging with additional snaps are Eco-friendly, biodegradable and organic. Grab a pair and make your feet as warm and toasty as ours are. Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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