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I know, it can seem like a chore at times, because not all clothes are compatible with the many different body types, and this is where Green Apple Active comes in to save the day Deadpool style. Well, maybe not as vulgar as Deadpool, but you see my point. 

One of the most important things to always take into consideration when it comes to choosing active clothing, is to ask yourself, "exactly what type of activities will you be doing in these clothes?" Are you going to be running track, yoga, or standard gym activities, from lifting weights, to stair climbing on the treadmill?

For example, if you are a jogger running throughout the seasons, during the summer months, you wouldn't want to wear heavy active wear that you would when its 50 degrees out or a little lower. You would want something breathable and flexible, not heavy and restricting. 

That's more than likely a heat stroke in the making, and as I previously stated about Deadpool coming to save the day, unless you're in Hollywood outside of the Chinese Theater where all the Deadpool's live, he may not be there to save you. 

Another example would be making sure that if you are running hurdles, you aren't wearing long sweatpants, they may restrict your jumping abilities, that you are wearing active wear that is light and comfortable enough to protect some of your skin in breaking a fall. 


It is very important to ask yourself these types of questions because you want to enjoy the active wear, not regret wearing it because you are uncomfortable in them. I know for myself, I don't like tight clothing or feeling too much sweat because I feel as if the clothes stick to my skin restricting my body movement. Another great falling moment for me was one time at Gym Camp, where the active wear I chose aided in my sweat not catching from the promised headwear, resulting in a brief blinding of my eyes, causing me to face plant on my treadmill, to where I  still frequent the Internet to make sure no one has me on video doing so.

Being hysterically traumatized from this, I personally prefer active wear fitting to the range of exercise I do, therefore wearing breathable, comfortable clothes,that catches moisture appropriately, and that don't feel as if they are restricting my body movements is what works for my personal needs.

Let's discuss now a few properties that involve active wear which includes thermal properties, moisture, and protective wear. 

As mentioned above about preventing heat stroke, it is important to understand your active wear based on the temperatures you will be active in as well as what temperatures you will be putting out. This is something that Green Apple Active is aware of, that is why when it comes to our active wear, not only is it Eco friendly, it is made from bamboo, that allows more breathing ability to absorb moisture, it's light to wear, and is moisture -wicking, so you don't have to worry about sweat becoming a hazardous exercising mishap.

I like to always suggest to research the active wear you are wearing as well. You don't want active wear that is filled with chemicals and horrible for the environment. Green Apple Active offers all of that and then some. As a Consumer, it's always good to research before you try, with technology these days, we now have the ability to do so with the push of a finger.

The last and most important thing to do is to choose active wear that suits your taste in style. Pick colors and styles that fit your tastes, because when it comes to being active, you want to be as comfortable as possible, and that's what being active is all about, having fun, and feeling good while staying healthy.

Geneva Cindric - Johnson
Geneva Cindric - Johnson

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April 05, 2020

Nice Informative post! While choosing active clothing, you should notice some key points like a comfortable level, how much it is sweat absorbing, level of softness of the fabric, etc. Siddhiwear bamboo clothes are very comfortable and soft. It delivers the best value to you.


July 06, 2018

A good article on the choice of sportswear. I largely agree with your theses and choose clothes about the same. I especially pay attention to the breathability of the tissue. I choose only super breathable clothes, especially in the summer. Often I buy here – (I like the men’s line of pants and shorts there). Thank you for your work!

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