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    Why To Say NO To Synthetics

    Why To Say NO To Synthetics
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    Textile production is destroying the environment, so we must to start to be more proactive in teaching the importance of organic and natural fabrics ~ we owe it to ourselves and to our children. Sadly due to the state of our economy the demand for man-made fibers, like polyester, has doubled in the last 15 years*. These poisonous fabrics require more energy to make, release tons of toxic emissions and produce acid gases including hydrogen chloride, which can trigger respiratory disease.

    A Reinvented Classic

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    What’s your favorite Green Apple product? While a lot of us here love the bras and our latest capris, tons of us love the classic 33-inch yoga flare pants – and it looks like you do, too! 
    These pants are one of our top sellers, not that we’re surprised. Because it’s made from our durable bamboo fabric, you can’t beat it for breathability and softness. But it’s not just snuggle-worthy - we designed them to have the perfect fit for ultra comfort AND ultra support, so they’re snug enough to give you shape and not get in the way, but loose enough to be perfect for lounging on the couch. 

    Green Apple Actives Guide to Selecting a Yoga Outfit

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    Yoga asana posing isn't the average westerner's exercise. Movements are slow, practitioners rarely break out in a sweat, and breathing deeply is more common than breathing heavily. It's easy to...

    Color Obsessed! Check out Green Apple Actives forecasted trends for Fall 2013

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    We are so loving the fall & holiday colors that we had to start planning what we will do next year!  See below for a sneak peek of the trends...

    Tips to stay warm and active this winter with eco friendly bamboo clothing

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    Chilly temps outside may cause us to want to stay cozy by the fire, Green Apple Active’s 100% organic bamboo fabric makes it easy to fight the urge to hibernate...

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