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Anytime can be the perfect time to take your workouts outside. Not only do you get to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, but being active outdoors also provides several health benefits. If you're not sure how to plan an outdoor workout, don't worry—we've got you covered. 

Whether you go for simple or complex exercises, creating a fun and effective outdoor fitness workout comes down to perfect planning.

 In this post, we'll share some tips on getting started, as well as a few exercises you can try. So read on for all the information you need to get moving outdoors!

Select The Exercises You Want To Add In Your Workout Session

The first step in planning an outdoor workout is deciding what you want to do for exercise and then devising a proper plan. The trick is to have your game plan ready before you walk out the door. An aimless plan to incorporate a few bodyweight exercises into your jog will inevitably result in your workout routine.

It might be helpful to write it down so you can remember it when you're ready. For example, plan out which exercises you'll do if you want to incorporate bodyweight exercises into your running routine. Plan out how many sets and reps you'll do and how you'll incorporate them into your routine.

Choose Your Workout Clothes Wisely

You should choose your workout clothes wisely. You should wear moisture-wicking, anti-microbial and hypoallergenic workout clothes. This will help you in working without any worries. Our Green Apple Activewear is made with the utmost comfort for you. 

If you care and think about the environment, bamboo activewear can be a good option. All activewear are eco-friendly, sustainable and biodegradable in nature. 

Our bamboo shorts and bra are ideal for staying cool during your outdoor workout. You'll be relaxed and comfortable and won't melt in the heat. You will be surprised to know that our activewear can protect you from the scorching sun as it protects you from harmful UV rays.

Choose A Peaceful And Green Location

A peaceful location with lots of greenery will help you get a calm and relaxed mind. This, in turn, will help in working out. As a result, your overall health can be improved.

If you want a peaceful place to stretch or do yoga:

  1. Avoid the fuss of busy areas.
  2. Look for a flat and grassy area.
  3. If you want to do bodyweight circuit training, find a place with a flat surface for squats and pushups, benches or picnic tables for step-ups and dips, and a jungle gym for pull-ups or hanging leg lifts.

If you don't like carrying water, look for parks or areas where drinking water is available. This keeps you hydrated while you work to improve your fitness level.

Benefits Of Outdoor Workout

There are immense benefits to an outdoor workout. Here's a list of how outdoor workouts will help you:

1. Fresh Air

With outdoor workouts, you will get a chance to get fresh air. Forget overheating in your living room; the natural breeze keeps you cool as your workout heats up. Your body greatly benefits from the fresh air you consume.

2. Less Screen Time

If working from home or your job has you glued to your laptop like no other, use your outdoor workout time, however brief, to get away from your screens. 

Bid goodbye to your mobile phones.

3. Helps In Increasing Self-Confidence

Exercise has multiple mental health advantages in addition to physical benefits. Exercise boosts self-confidence by assisting you in losing weight, toning your body, building muscle, and improving your endurance.

However, exercising outside makes you more likely to reap these benefits. According to research, spending as little as five minutes exercising outside can boost your self-confidence. Being near trees or water enhances this effect.

4. Take Lots Of Vitamin D

Exercising out gives you exposure to the sun, and the sun is an excellent source of vitamin D. Take advantage of your daily exercise allowance to feel the sun on your skin. 

Take your daily vitamin D with an outdoor workout.

5. Reduces Stress & Anxiety

As you spend some time in nature while outdoors workout, it automatically reduces stress and anxiety. When you spend some time out, it helps in lowering cortisol levels.

You can relieve stress, lower blood pressure, and prioritize physical health by exercising outside.

Must Haves In Outdoor Workout

1. Comfortable Sneakers

As you workout, comfortable sneakers are a must-have. They provide you with sheer comfort while working out. In addition, because they put less pressure on your feet, good running shoes can make working out much safer and more comfortable. So, get the right sneakers, and your workouts will be much more enjoyable.

2. Workout Clothes

A few good puffer jackets are a must-have if you enjoy working out outside, regardless of the weather. It would keep you comfortable in all conditions, making your training much more effective. So, to get the most out of your workouts, ensure you've dressed appropriately for the weather.

3. Water bottle

Summertime hydration is essential because the heat causes us to sweat more. Hydrate before and after your workout, and choose electrolyte-rich water to keep your body balanced and feeling good. Carry your water bottle to get hydrated throughout the day.

4. Take A Towel

The outdoor workout comes with a lot of sweat. So you should carry a towel with you. A microfiber towel on hand will be very useful for wiping sweat away between circuits.

Final Words

Exercising is vital for enhancing your mental and physical health. While all exercise is beneficial, taking it outside can provide you with benefits you cannot obtain indoors. However, you do not have to move all of your workouts out. Blending outdoor exercises with a gym gives you the best of both worlds.

Nikita Parihar
Nikita Parihar

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