May 20, 2013 2 min read

When it comes to finding green living strategies, clothing choices are extremely important. Aside from reducing your impact on the environment, the garments you select identify you as a person that cares about this world.

Animal Based Clothing and Accessory Sources.

Today, there are many misconceptions about the usage of animal products for garments.  Aside from the obvious ethical drawbacks from using animal based products,  here are just a few of the health drawbacks that you should be aware of so that you can make the most of green living trends:

  • leather and suede which come from commercial beef and dairy farms are a byproduct of the food production industry. Unfortunately, this particular industry contributes enormous amounts of pollution to air, ground, and water resources. 

In addition, the usage of antibiotics on these farms is creating a situation where super bugs are killing off larger numbers of humans

• fur manufacturers use formaldehyde and other poisons that cause cancer and other serious diseases in consumers

• shoes made from non-animal based materials are more durable and comfortable

• mineral and plant based cosmetics produce fewer allergies and other skin conditions

• many manufacturers in the green movement contribute to non-profit organizations that educate and promote green living trends  

Plant Based Materials  

One of the best vegan options for eco living clothing is Bamboo. This amazing plant is fast-growing, sustainable, completely eco-friendly, and butter-soft.   Fabric made from bamboo is the ultimate green clothing choice. It’s also especially great for summer, due to bamboo’s awesome moisture absorption (minimal sweat stains!) and anti-UV properties (adios, sunburn!). And, of course, since bamboo is a grass and all. 

Green Apple Active was the very first active clothing manufacturer to use bamboo textiles!  Peruse Green Apple Actives ultra chic workout options and rest assured any purchase you make is an Eco-friendly one!  

Garments Made From Synthetic Materials  

If you are looking for appealing, durable clothes, there are all kinds of materials produced from petroleum and other non-living resources.  These garments are preferred by most people in the green community because they are inexpensive, durable, and easy to obtain. 

Green Apple Active is in the process of developing synthetic performance work out clothing made from recycled fabrics!  Get a sneak peek of our product below, and stay tuned for the much-anticipated release of Green Apple Active Eco-Tek.


Many people pursue an Eco-friendly lifestyle in their diet and practices but overlook their wardrobe.  Next time you are shopping take some time to consider your purchasing and how you can best reduce your footprint.
Cristofer Smith
Cristofer Smith

28 years, creating brands in a fun action packed business specializing in California Athletic and Active Lifestyle apparel. Yes, I'm still loving what I do. Biodegradable, Sustainable Design, Brand Architecture, Textile Innovation, and Package Manufacturing. Our team focuses on a business model based on innovation and sustainable conscious brands. Always striving for the latest Sustainable and perfection for our customers. They are the priority! Specialties: Bamboo apparel, Brand vision, Textile creation, Brand design, Brand architecture, Textile innovation, Quality manufacturing, On-time production and Design for Healthy Athletic, Active, Fitness & Athletic Brands.

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