Bamboo: The Superstar Plant

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Bamboo, while not yet a household name yet here in the United States, has already gained a superstar status in some parts of the world for all its health and environmental benefits. Pandas have been known to consume bamboo on a daily basis- so perhaps our furry friends already know something that us humans are just now catching up on.

Bamboo Fabric: Why it’s Fun and Fab?

1 min read


Do you know that there is a new and modern type of fabric that is not only fashionable but environmental-friendly, as well? Yes, it’s the bamboo fabric! Here are some reasons why clothing made from bamboo fabric are fun and totally fab.

Your Clothing and Eco Living

Your Clothing and Eco Living

2 min read


When it comes to finding green living strategies,clothing choices are extremely important. Aside from reducing your impact on the environment, the garments you select identify you as a person that cares about this world.

Why is Green Apple Active's Bamboo Fabric So Eco-Friendly?

1 min read

Green Apple Active uses certified organic forest-growing bamboo (NOP for USA standard) to create the beautiful textiles used in Green Apple Active fitness & lifestyle clothing.  

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