Bamboo Fabric: Why it’s Fun and Fab?

June 20, 2014 1 min read

bamboo fabric

Do you know that there is a new and modern type of fabric that is not only fashionable but environmental-friendly, as well? Yes, it’s the bamboo fabric! Here are some reasons why clothing made from bamboo fabric are fun and totally fab.

  • It keeps you dry all day as it absorbs and wicks away moisture.
  • It controls and regulates temperature, helping you stay warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • It is naturally soft and provides a smooth, comfortable feel to the skin.
  • It is anti-bacterial, anti-allergy, and wrinkle-free.
  • It is breathable and resists clinging during hot weather and even rigorous exercises.
Why look for something else if the fabric of the future is finally here. At Green Apple Active, our newest product called Comfort Support are made with bamboo fabric that provides ultimate comfort and complete support during casual walks or extensive workouts.
Cristofer Smith
Cristofer Smith

28 years, creating brands in a fun action packed business specializing in California Athletic and Active Lifestyle apparel. Yes, I'm still loving what I do. Biodegradable, Sustainable Design, Brand Architecture, Textile Innovation, and Package Manufacturing. Our team focuses on a business model based on innovation and sustainable conscious brands. Always striving for the latest Sustainable and perfection for our customers. They are the priority! Specialties: Bamboo apparel, Brand vision, Textile creation, Brand design, Brand architecture, Textile innovation, Quality manufacturing, On-time production and Design for Healthy Athletic, Active, Fitness & Athletic Brands.

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