Relaxation and Stress

June 24, 2014 1 min read

relaxation and stress

In today's busy and demanding times, relaxation and stress are common topics to discuss. Have you ever felt as if you are so tense that you are about to snap? This is your body’s reaction when you are subjected to big amounts of stress or is subjected to stress constantly. When stress is constant, the effect of stress pile up so that it becomes almost impossible for the body to cope with the demand placed upon it. Each additional demand becomes more and more stressful. To relieve the body, as well as the mind, you must learn to relax. Relaxation and stress should go hand in hand. Relaxing need not take more than ten to twenty minutes out of your busy schedule and can make you more productive during the rest of the day. To relax, find a quiet place where there are no distractions. Experiment with the techniques available and find one that suits you best. The effects of the relaxation technique will not be dramatic and will probably be unnoticeable at first, however, keep at it and you will begin to feel subtle changes in your body.
Cristofer Smith
Cristofer Smith

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