Apr 23, 2015

A Reinvented Classic

What’s your favorite Green Apple product? While a lot of us here love the bras and our latest capris, tons of us love the classic 33-inch yoga flare pants – and it looks like you do, too! 
These pants are one of our top sellers, not that we’re surprised. Because it’s made from our durable bamboo fabric, you can’t beat it for breathability and softness. But it’s not just snuggle-worthy - we designed them to have the perfect fit for ultra comfort AND ultra support, so they’re snug enough to give you shape and not get in the way, but loose enough to be perfect for lounging on the couch. 
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Jun 22, 2014

Why Hoodies are In?

Hoodies are not just fashion statements. They are a staple for runners, surfers, skateboard users, aerobic instructors, yoga enthusiasts, tennis...
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Jun 18, 2014

Workout Clothes at $50 and below

  Although working out requires time, effort, and complete dedication to help you achieve the optimum result, it doesn’t need...
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May 05, 2014

Green Apple Summer Collection 2014 Sneak Peek

Green Apple Summer collection 2014 is almost here! Get a sneak peek of some of the freshest colors for the...
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Sep 18, 2013

Color Love: Fall Blues

It's that time of year again! Green Apple Active is excited to bring styles in one of falls hottest new...
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Apr 05, 2013

Color Love: Neon Yellow

Spring is looking bright...and by bright we mean neon! Check out this seasons striking neon yellow trend and look the...
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Feb 01, 2013

How to Get Away with Wearing Yoga Pants to Work

Some people argue that yoga pants have no place in the workplace and that this leisurewear item should strictly be...
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