Workout Clothes at $50 and below

June 18, 2014 1 min read

workout clothes under $50

  Although working out requires time, effort, and complete dedication to help you achieve the optimum result, it doesn’t need to be expensive. Since you may already be spending on your gym membership or home fitness equipment, you need not burn so much cash when choosing workout clothes. At Green Apple Active, you can find a wide variety of exercise gear that are not only comfortable and eco-friendly, but are really light in the pocket. Here are some workout clothes at $50 and below that you may want to check out and consider:
  • Double straps support bra top at $40
  • Yoga short with shirred waistband at $40
  • V-neck boxy tee at $24
  • 26'' Yoga Support Extended Legging $50
  • 17" Old School  Sweat Pants $50
  • 23" Double Criss- Cross Spaghetti Support Tank $50
  • …and so much more!
Cristofer Smith
Cristofer Smith

28 years, creating brands in a fun action packed business specializing in California Athletic and Active Lifestyle apparel. Yes, I'm still loving what I do. Biodegradable, Sustainable Design, Brand Architecture, Textile Innovation, and Package Manufacturing. Our team focuses on a business model based on innovation and sustainable conscious brands. Always striving for the latest Sustainable and perfection for our customers. They are the priority! Specialties: Bamboo apparel, Brand vision, Textile creation, Brand design, Brand architecture, Textile innovation, Quality manufacturing, On-time production and Design for Healthy Athletic, Active, Fitness & Athletic Brands.

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