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Bamboo fabric is one of the newest and most interesting materials on the market today. It is made from bamboo plants, which makes it environmentally friendly and sustainable.

In addition, bamboo fabric is soft, durable, and has a unique texture that makes it different from other fabrics. It is also naturally antimicrobial, which makes it an excellent choice for clothing and bedding. Check out this post to learn more about this fabric as bamboo activewear and its many benefits!

1. Luxuriously Soft.

Have you ever worn clothing you purchased and found itchy or otherwise uncomfortable? The substance used to produce them may be the reason. 

Due to the fiber's inherent smoothness and roundness, bamboo fabric is renowned for being incredibly soft. The fiber doesn't require any chemical processing during creation, making it excellent for people prone to allergies. They won't experience any negative consequences from wearing this fabric close to their skin. 

The bamboo feels like silky clouds of heaven, giving your body a supremely rich experience. 

2. Let your body breathe.

Do your clothes make you feel stuffy when you're out and about? Bamboo fabric has several benefits, one of which is that it can prevent unpleasant body odors while enabling your body to breathe throughout a busy day.

In addition, because the fabric draws sweat away from the body and to the outside of the garment, moisture-wicking is perfect for women who are always on the move, such as yoga and gym freaks.

No matter what you're doing, you'll always stay dry longer because bamboo fabric absorbs 40% more liquid than even the most absorbent cotton.

3. Comfort.

Comfort appears to be the highest priority when it comes to clothing shopping. Women's bamboo clothing is made to be as cozy as possible. Being made of a light, comfortable, naturally soft cloth, your body won't recognize its new home. Ensure the bamboo fabric used to make your clothing has a 4-way stretch to promote flexibility and ease of movement.

4. Bamboo fabric is eco-friendly.

Bamboo trees need quite less water than cotton trees and grow more quickly. Later in the manufacturing process, water usage for bamboo fabrics is also reduced. The cloth absorbs color much faster than cotton or other fabrics when dyed. This means using less water and chemicals to produce apparel with brilliant colors.

While our life is full of chemicals, did you know that bamboo doesn't need fertilizer or pesticides to thrive and reach its maximum height?

5. Low maintenance.

Unlike other high-end materials, bamboo can be tumble dried on a gentle cycle with cold water in a washing machine. Fabric softeners, hand washing, and dry cleaning are not required. Additionally, there's no need to get out your ironing board because wrinkles can be removed quickly and easily with a handheld steamer or by lightly misting a soft cloth with water.

6. Renewable.

The bamboo plant is a big grass with a woody stem. It grows rapidly; some species can grow up to 3 feet daily. Bamboo is a renewable resource as a result. Also, bamboo is naturally pest-resistant and has an antibacterial bio-agent called Bamboo Kun, unlike many other plants.

So, during the growing process, insecticides and fungicides are rarely required. By absorbing carbon dioxide from the air and releasing vast quantities of oxygen into the environment, the bamboo plant also improves air quality.

7. Bamboo fabric is antibacterial.

The natural antibacterial properties of bamboo are maintained even after numerous washings. As bamboo fabric wicks moisture away from your skin, it makes sense to use it for your gym or yoga activewear. While it does this, it will eliminate any unfavorable odor from the fabric, making it smell much more lovely even as you perspire heavily.

Despite not wearing bamboo for your workouts, you can still benefit from its antibacterial qualities. Since bamboo clothing destroys the bacteria, people who are self-conscious about their body odor have found it great to wear bamboo clothing.

8. To live a sustainable lifestyle.

The majority of people want to take more action to lead more sustainable lives, but it can take time to know where to begin. Our needs are consistently prioritized over the needs of the planet in our society.

But when you start small, leading an eco-friendly lifestyle is simpler than you may imagine. Your carbon footprint can be reduced by making incremental changes over time. Switching to bamboo fabric will lead you one step closer to a sustainable lifestyle.

9. Adapts to the weather conditions.

Think about how your clothing might serve the functional purpose and transition from season to season. The bamboo clothing will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, so forget about having separate summer and winter wardrobes.

It naturally insulates, making it a winner for hot or cool daily wear or activewear throughout the year.

10. Acts as UV Protectant.

In the summer, most of us enjoy getting a little color via tanning, but we don't want to become sunburned. Surprisingly, bamboo has a natural resistance to UV rays; this property persists even when it is transformed into fabric.

In actuality, bamboo cloth filters out approximately 98% of all UV-damaging radiation. Because of this, it is the ideal material to wear on your skin during hot summer days when you are exposed to a lot of sunshine.

This is yet another benefit of choosing bamboo fabric for your all-the-year-round wardrobe, whether it be bras, tanks, lounge sweats, or bottoms: you can keep cool and protected when wearing bamboo in the summer and winter time knowing that your skin is protected from the sun's harmful radiations.

11. Fashionable round the year

We deliberately and thoughtfully select designs for our Green Apple Activewear collection that are classically styled to be timeless, practical, and fashionable. Bamboo is a fantastic fabric that can be used for a variety of garments, including tops, tanks, bras, bottoms, lounge sweats, and much more.

It works well in the winter and fall because it can transfer and hold heat as needed. While the breathability and moisture-evaporating qualities come into play in the hotter spring and summer months to keep you cool and dry.

12. Crease-Resistant

The clothing made of bamboo will last longer than traditional cotton clothing if you take good care of it. In reality, bamboo hardly ever creases or wrinkles. It may hold its shape even after many washings.

Green Apple bamboo clothing is extremely tough and ideal for people who work out regularly. Additionally, because they resist creases, they look great for longer and need no to less ironing.

14. Bid goodbye to allergies

Bamboo clothing can significantly improve the quality of life for allergy patients. People with sensitive skin and those who suffer from eczema know how difficult it is to find clothing that doesn't scratch or annoy them. Bamboo apparel also benefits from being highly breathable, hypoallergenic, and easy on the skin.

The Bottom Line

Therefore, with such remarkable benefits, the revival of bamboo in the textile and clothing industries shouldn't be unexpected. To see the real benefits of wearing bamboo clothing, though, check out our wide range of Green Apple now, which is offered for women.

All of the clothing is created from environmentally friendly bamboo fabric that is both comfortable for you and has minimal negative effects on the environment.


Nikita Parihar
Nikita Parihar

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