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It's undeniable that finding the right yoga outfit gives us a feel-good feeling. They are well-fitting, maintain the desired body temperature, encourage less perspiration, and guard against chafing. Your mood may also be affected in some really amazing ways.

It's difficult to argue that what you wear in a yoga class can significantly impact your practice, regardless of the fabric, color, or style you choose. We've developed a few suggestions for selecting yoga outfit to help you feel cool, at ease, and confident both on and off your yoga mat; however, it could take some time and experimentation.

When it comes to working out, there are a lot of different paths you can take. You could hit the gym, go for a run, lift weights, or try something a little more low-key, like yoga. Yoga is an excellent form of exercise for your mind and body, and it has many benefits.

For instance, research has shown that yoga can help improve flexibility, muscle strength, and lung capacity. It can also help reduce stress, enhance sleep quality, and boost mood. And one of the best things about yoga is that it doesn't require any special equipment - all you need is a comfortable yoga outfit and a mat.

A yoga outfit is specifically designed to provide comfort and support during yoga sessions. They're usually made from stretchy fabrics like spandex or lycra, which allows them to move with your body and offers a full range of motion.

And if you're worried about getting too sweaty during your practice, don't worry - our yoga outfit is made with bamboo, which is moisture-wicking and helps keep you cool and dry. So whether you're a beginner or a pro, investing in a yoga outfit is definitely worth it.

What sort of clothing is worn during yoga class?

Yoga clothing is frequently a heated subject. Many yogis think that putting on the appropriate attire, such as yoga trousers, is essential to get the full rewards of the practice. Others counter that nothing else matters but your personal preferences; thus, it's best to avoid wearing something you don't like.

Yoga outfit is a subcategory of clothing that is frequently referred to as "athleisure," which signifies that people now wear yoga attire for fashion and not just for practical reasons. As a result, yoga clothing is now available with pockets, mesh cutouts, vibrant colors, crazy designs, and more.

All of this is amusing, but if you intend to dress for an actual yoga session, remember to consider the function: Consider performing a few yoga postures while trying on clothing to verify the comfort and flexibility of the item (downward facing dog and high crescent lunge are excellent choices).

A yoga outfit includes:

1. Yoga Leggings

Look for yoga leggings or pants (the terms are used fairly interchangeably) that provide a good balance of breathability, flexibility, and comfort, as with any yoga apparel. Pants made of bamboo and spandex blend are a fantastic choice because they move with you while wicking away sweat.

High-waisted leggings or pants might be a decent option if you're worried about coverage when bending and stretching; they're often less likely to slip during a quick practice or ride down too far during inverted postures like downward-facing dog pose.

2. Yoga Shorts

A yoga outfit is incomplete without including yoga shorts. As yoga shorts provide more flexibility and comfort during challenging poses, they are becoming more popular.

In general, avoid yoga bottoms that are see-through and too thin.

When there is a lot of heat and sweat present, such as in hot yoga classes, you can consider them to be the most comfortable choice.

3. Yoga Bras

A bra provides excellent support. Choose a bra with thick material and wide straps. They provide adequate coverage while enabling enough freedom of movement.

A well-fitting bra should provide adequate support without being tight or uncomfortable. However, it shouldn't be so tight as to impede blood flow. It should fit snugly.

4. Yoga Jackets

Wear a warm and cozy yoga cover-up, such as a jacket, sweatshirt, or quarter-zipper, if you intend to go for some outing following your yoga sessions.

This is particularly helpful during the winter. The additional layer can help you avoid briefly chilling after leaving a warm room.

Choosing the right yoga outfit:

1.Choose a yoga outfit that fits properly.

Make sure the clothes you choose fit properly when doing yoga! Yoga attire should be loose enough to allow for easy mobility. Additionally, avoid wearing tight-knit materials that could be uncomfortable while performing poses and choose stretchy fabrics, like cotton and lycra.

Although it might seem simple, having clothes that fit properly is crucial. 

2. Look for a breathable yoga outfit.

You can sweat a little or a lot, depending on the sort of yoga you do.

To stay cool and comfortable, especially while you're working up a sweat, it's crucial to wear breathable and moisture-wicking materials.

Yoga trousers with mesh pockets, tank tops, and cutout shirts enhance breathability and aid in keeping your body cool.

Avoid wearing cotton during workouts as it retains moisture, gets hot and muggy, rubs easily, and gets cold at the end of the day. Our bamboo yoga activewear is a solution to this.

3. Comfort is necessary 

Nothing is worse than doing yoga while wearing uncomfortable yoga outfit sets.

When looking for the ideal yoga outfit, pay attention to how they fit and inspect the seams, labels, and zippers to make sure the inside of the clothing has a smooth finish so you may wear it comfortably and move around freely.

To ensure long-lasting comfort, inspect the interior of the waistbands.

4. Check your yoga outfit for flexibility. 

Yoga calls for extremely complex movements including bending, stretching, expanding, and rolling.

Your yoga outfit must be able to keep up with these motions in order to allow you to move your body freely for various purposes. To check the yoga outfit for flexibility, the fabric material should contain at least 15% spandex for great flexibility.

Taking Care Of Your Yoga Outfit:

To keep yoga wear looking great and to make them durable, follow these yoga outfit care tips:

How to clean our bamboo yoga outfit sets

1. Temperature

In most situations, washing your things in lukewarm or even cold water is ideal. Although washing in hot water is typically not a problem, shrinking can be avoided by using colder water.

2. Method 


Our bamboo yoga outfit sets can be washed in a washing machine; however, it is preferable to hand wash.

Make sure the machine is set to a gentle cycle to make your yoga outfit more durable.

3. Soap


Use a powdered non-bleach detergent or a very mild detergent or soap for washing. Please refrain from using bleach or any other chlorinated products.

4. Stain removers

Stain removers

Before washing, use mild stain removers if there are any.

How To Dry Your Yoga Outfit

Bamboo activewear takes a very long time to dry since they are very water absorbing. Therefore, ensure that you allot enough time for drying.

There are two methods to dry your yoga outfit:

1. Sun-Drying


Gently sun dry the cloth. Instead of hanging them on a clothesline, it is preferable to lay them flat. Bamboo is heavy to wash because of how much water it absorbs. It could droop and stretch the fabric more than usual if it's hung. This applies to all knitted items in particular.

2. Dryer


Dryers are typically not advised unless the dryer has a very soft setting. In dryers, avoid using higher temperature settings.

3. Never use an iron to smooth out creases; instead, use steam.

Never use an iron

Yoga clothing is delicate and using an iron to remove creases risks burning a hole through the material. If your tops or pants have too many creases, try placing them in the dryer on low for a few minutes with a damp towel.

Always keep in mind to adhere to any specific care instructions on clothing tags. Yoga clothing that is properly cared for maintains its appearance, style, and shape, guaranteeing that everyday favorites will look wonderful even after multiple wears and washes.

4. Avoid using fabric softener.

Avoid using fabric softener,

Fabric softener reduces the absorbency of fabrics. Fabric softeners might be harmful for yoga clothing made of fabric intended to absorb moisture. Do you want to smell like fabric softener? Use an organic linen spray to mist objects, or make your own linen spray at home.

5. Wash Tip

Wash Tip

If you have a dark-colored yoga outfit, wash it separately the first few times just in case the colors bleed. Also, wash your yoga outfit separately from cotton fabrics, as the cotton fibers tend to stick to yoga clothing.


As you can see, there are a lot of things that will affect how at ease you are in your yoga practice session. Try Green Apple bamboo women's yoga outfits and find by yourself how comfortable they will feel.

Nikita Parihar
Nikita Parihar

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