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With the hectic routine that every person follows today, it has become almost impossible to takeout some time for the health of your body. In the run of becoming superior and earning more money, people often tend to forget the importance that they should bestow their bodies with.

However, in such a case, Yoga is a solution for all people. Yoga provides an easy alternative that can be done anywhere, anytime, and does not require you to go to a particular place or use specific equipment. 

The sitting poses in Yoga come with an ulterior motive of helping you maintain your body and mind without having to do rigorous exercise.

So whether you are having a day full of stress and wish to relax your body or reason for a while, or you just want to begin your day happily and healthily, the sitting yoga poses are the perfect option to cure all your needs.

In this article, we will be reading everything you need to know about the sitting Yoga poses, including their benefits and the best poses in Yoga, so that you can understand why you need to begin pursuing sitting yoga poses today itself.

What are Sitting Yoga Poses?

Yoga is all about poses and asanas. While many require multiple positions, the sitting yoga poses can be done while sitting on a mat or floor.

Despite sitting, you can feel the effect on almost all body parts. The ancient techniques of Yoga mixed with the required chants can transform you into a calmer person. 

Benefits of Sitting Yoga Poses

Mentioned below are a few benefits of sitting yoga poses that will make you inspired by it even more. 

  • They help beginners mold their bodies to be able to perform Yoga better. 
  • Sitting Yoga poses help you strengthen your lower back, thighs, and abdomen. 
  • Without doing a lot of rigorous exercises, you can increase your stamina with the help of sitting Yoga. 
  • Easy sitting yoga postures come with breathing techniques to help you regulate your breathing. 
  • The blood flow in the body is also regulated, reducing the chances of heart problems or blood clots. 
  • Sitting Yoga is practiced more often to relieve problems such as stress or anxiety, as they are highly helpful in making the mind and the soul calm and composed. 
  • You can do sitting Yoga poses anywhere, anytime. You only need a place to sit comfortably. 
  • As you do not need to conduct heavy stretching, there are lesser chances of injuries or other potential risks. 
  • These poses also help cure minor health issues that one often tends to ignore- such as bad breath, stomach problems, headaches, menstrual cramps, etc. 
  • Yoga poses in a sitting position are most beneficial for people who have some issues with their lower limbs, such as knee problems, weak or no limbs, difficulty in standing, etc. 

Sitting Yoga Poses That You Need to Begin Doing Today

Below is a list of some sitting yoga poses for beginners with names that can be done anywhere, provide irreplaceable effects on your body, and require the slightest effort to perform. 

1. Sukhasana (Easy Pose)

Sitting Yoga Poses, Benefits of Sitting Yoga Pose, Yoga poses , Yoga Workout

The Sukhasana is the most basic sitting yoga pose that every beginner should learn to practice accurately when starting to perform Yoga. This pose relieves your mind from stress and anxiety and is also known as the meditating pose.

It also strengthens your back and your core and stretches your upper body, making you ready for the complex poses to be done further. It also strengthens the spine, and if you do a desk job, you should perform this pose to ensure that your spine remains healthy. 

How to do this pose

  • Sit down with your legs crossed, your right foot on the left thigh, and vice-versa. 
  • Straighten your back and neck and keep your eyes and face in the front. 
  • Place your hands on the respective knees with the palms of your hands facing upwards in a "mudra." 
  • Inhale a deep breath, and then exhale it slowly. Keep repeating this for some time. 

2. Baddha Konasana (Butterfly Pose)

Sitting Yoga Poses, Benefits of Sitting Yoga Pose, Yoga poses , Yoga Workout

This pose should be performed empty stomach to avoid any complexities and get the best results. It helps in better blood circulation and helps strengthen the knees and thigh muscles. It also stimulates the glands in the prostate and the kidneys. This pose is highly beneficial for women during menopause and pregnancy. 

How to do this pose

  • Sit down straight, and keep your spine erect. Bend your knees and bring your feet close to each other, so they touch each other. 
  • Press your elbows against your thighs and hold your feet with your hands. 
  • Start flapping your thighs like a butterfly and continue it for some time while inhaling and exhaling air in a rhythm. 

3.Bhadrasana (Throne Pose)

Sitting Yoga Poses, Benefits of Sitting Yoga Pose, Yoga poses , Yoga Workout

Bhadrasana is a highly effective pose yet a simple sitting yoga pose, especially for beginners. It helps in strengthening the legs and the thighs along with the backbone. It prevents problems such as tiredness, bloating, and fatigue and is known to improve digestion.

This pose is also beneficial for the brain's power and ensures calmness and composure. It can help ease the pain during contractions and thus is a must-do exercise for pregnant ladies. 

How to do this pose

  • Sit on the mat while stretching your legs outwards. Ensure that both the feet touch each other at the back. 
  • With your spine, neck, and head straight, bring your hips to the curve formed by your feet. 
  • Put your hands on your knees, with the palms facing downwards. 
  • Perform rhythmic breathing, and focus your eyes on the tips of your nose. Do this for as long as possible. 

4. Paschimottanasana (Forward Bend Pose)

Sitting Yoga Poses, Benefits of Sitting Yoga Pose, Yoga poses , Yoga Workout

This asana gives a stretching and fat-burning effect to all body parts, including your arms, stomach, hips, and legs. It also offers flexibility, strengthens the legs and abdomen, and helps increase height. In addition, this pose is beneficial for women to ease up their menstrual cycle. 

How to do this pose

  • Sit on the mat with your legs apart and stretched out forward. Inhale air. 
  • Bend your back and try to touch and hold your feet with your hands. Keep your neck and your head erect. 
  • Exhale slowly and stay in this position for as long as possible. 
  • After that, sit upright, inhale again, and continue this process. 

5. Vajrasana (The Diamond Pose)

Sitting Yoga Poses, Benefits of Sitting Yoga Pose, Yoga poses , Yoga Workout

This pose is one of the Yoga poses done while sitting down and helps in escalating and speed up the process of digestion. Therefore it gives the best results when performed after having your meals.

If you do not have the time or space to walk for digestion after lunch or dinner, you can do this pose. It also provides a stronger spine and keeps you strong and healthy.

This posture is also helpful in ensuring the stability of the mind and clearing up the urinary tract. In addition, it cures bloating and strengthens the thighs and the legs. 

How to do this pose

  • Sit down with your legs folded backward to perform this pose. 
  • Ensure that your spine and your straight neck, form a 90-degree angle with your legs and torso. 
  • Place your palms on your knees, and then start inhaling and exhaling air. 

6. Balasana (Child's Pose)

Sitting Yoga Poses, Benefits of Sitting Yoga Pose, Yoga poses , Yoga Workout

This sitting yoga pose helps improve digestion while enhancing the strength of the muscles situated in the back. In addition, it helps in relieving back aches and assists the circulation of blood in the body. 

How to do this pose

  • Sit on your knees with your heels touching your hips. 
  • With your back straight, stretch your hands outwards and make them touch the ground. 
  • Your head should be touching the ground while your chest should be touching the knees. 
  • Hold your breath for some time and stay still in this pose. 
  • Next, get up, release your breath, and continue with the posture. 

7. Simhasana (Lion Pose)

Sitting Yoga Poses, Benefits of Sitting Yoga Pose, Yoga poses , Yoga Workout

As its name suggests, this pose matches a lion's posture. It is beneficial to improve the posture of the body, the facial muscles, and the throat. It also helps in curing bad breath. 

How to do this pose

  • Sit in the Vajrasana position. 
  • Place the palms of your hands in front of their knees and put the weight of your upper body on them to an extent. 
  • Stretch out your tongue, focus on your eyebrows, and make a roaring sound while exhaling your breath. 
  • Repeat this process as often as possible, but keep your spine relaxed. 

8. Chakki Chalanasana (Churning Pose)

Sitting Yoga Poses, Benefits of Sitting Yoga Pose, Yoga poses , Yoga Workout

This sitting yoga pose prevents problems such as sciatica. Although it also helps ton your arms, back, and abs, the extra fat in the arms and the stomach region is also burnt while performing this pose. It is one of the easiest and most famous sitting yoga poses for weight loss. 

How to do this pose

  • Sit with your legs wide open. Stretch your arms to the front. 
  • Clasp your hand and keep your shoulder upright. 
  • Take a deep breath, and then start moving your arms from left to right in a circular motion. 
  • Feel the stretch in your arms, stomach, and legs. Do it as many times as possible. 

With these eight easy-to-do sitting yoga poses for beginners, you can ensure the fitness and health of your body while just sitting. So whenever you are free and have sufficient space, start doing these poses to enhance the health of your body.

Once to witness the benefits of sitting yoga poses yourself, there is no going back. So start today, as maintaining your body and posture with these simple yoga poses is no more than a child's play!

Nikita Parihar
Nikita Parihar

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