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Are you also of the view that upper body strength can be achieved only through gymming and rigorous exercise? If so, you are absolutely wrong. The world knows that Yoga helps people in increasing the flexibility of the body and helps them get rid of problems in the body and the mind.

However, people are still unaware that Yoga can be used to strengthen the muscles of all body parts, including the upper body! 

By practicing various yoga postures, you can easily increase the strength of your upper body. In this article, we will be reading everything you need to know about increasing your upper body strength with Yoga

The Yoga Workout

People often need to get to the gym and lift heavy weights or deal with equipment while spending a lot of money to increase their upper body strength.

But what they do not know is that they can strengthen the parts of their upper body without going anywhere or spending money on purchasing equipment or getting a gym subscription.  

The yoga workout for the upper body prescribed by the experts is a set of important postures and exercises which need to be repeated a minimum number of times to gain desired results.

If done properly and regularly, these poses can help reduce extra fat and strengthen the muscles present in the arms, shoulder, back, and abs.

They also build up your core strength and free you of any diseases, pains, or persisting problems. 

Best Yoga Poses for Upper Body Strength

Mentioned below is a list of some amazing yoga poses for the upper body that fitness enthusiasts can use to strengthen their upper body and core muscles. 

1. Plank

Yoga for Upper Body, Yoga Workout, Yoga Poses

Doing a plank poses an immense effect on the whole body, including the upper body and the abs. It requires a great level of strength and resilience and also helps in burning extra fat.

To do a plank pose, place your hands with palms facing down to the ground, stretch your toes at the back, and lift up your whole body on the support of your arms with only the toes of your feet touching the ground.

Do this pose for as long as possible, at least 4-5 times in the beginning. You will feel the effect on the whole body, especially your arms, shoulder, and abs region. 

2. Chaturanga

Yoga for Upper Body, Yoga Workout, Yoga Poses

This yoga pose for the upper body is similar to the push-ups done at the gym. This is a great pose that can provide strength to your biceps like never before. To do this pose, start with a plank position.

Now bend your elbows to take down your body towards the ground, but still in the air. Do up-down movements as many times as possible, and do at least three sets of Chaturanga to feel the heat in your body. 

3. Side Plank

Yoga for Upper Body, Yoga Workout, Yoga Poses

This pose is highly recommended to focus on strengthening your arms while maintaining the shape of your chest region. It also highly affects the shoulders and reduces the upper body's side fat.

To do this pose, get into the plank position. Now shift your body weight on the left arm and leg and stretch the right arm towards the sky while taking your body to face your right side. Do this for 8-10 rounds, and then continue with the right arm. 

4. Reverse Tabletop

Yoga for Upper Body, Yoga Workout , Yoga Poses

This exercise strengthens your arms, abs, and abdomen region and has a high effect on your thighs. It builds up the muscles and is a beneficial yoga pose for upper body weight loss.

All you need to do is lie down with your face upwards. Now twist your arms backward with their palms facing the ground and sit on your hips with your legs bent and your foot touching the ground.

Pull up your body weight on your feet and your hands, and then bring it back to the sitting position. Continue doing this for as many reps as possible, and try to do three sets of this exercise daily to see the changes in your lower abdomen muscles. 

5. Bhujangasana

Yoga for Upper Body, Yoga Workout , Yoga Poses

This easy yoga asana for the upper body greatly impacts the arms and the shoulder region while also strengthening the chest region. In this pose, lie down with your stomach towards the ground, and your toes stretched at the back.

Now pull up your upper body on the weight of your arms and your hands while your stomach is still placed on the ground. Keep your neck high, and stay in this position for as long as possible. Do this 4-5 times to gain strength in your arms and shoulder muscles. 

6. One-Arm One-Leg Plank

Yoga for Upper Body, Yoga Workout , Yoga Poses

This is a more rigorous variation of the plank, which is highly effective and requires a lot of strength. To do this pose, you need to first get into the plank position. Now slowly lift your left leg and stretch it outwards.

Consequently, lift your right arm and stretch it towards your north. Stay in this position for 5 seconds, and then do the same with your right leg and your left arm.

Keep doing this for 10-15 reps while switching your sides constantly. This will enhance the muscle strength of your arms, shoulders, and chest, along with the abs and thighs. 

7. Chaturanga Dandasana

Yoga for Upper Body, Yoga Workout , Yoga Poses

This upper-body yoga pose is the next level to the plank pose and is very efficacious for the whole body. To do this pose, you need to get in the plank position.

Now, the way we do push-ups, you need to take your body downwards towards the ground without touching the ground. Ensure that your upper arms are in alignment with your torso.

Stay in this position for a while and then release. Try to do this at least 4-5 times for a minimum of 30 seconds to get the best results for your upper body and core. Your arms, shoulders, abs, and chest benefit the most from this pose. 

8. Boat Pose

Yoga for Upper Body, Yoga Workout, Yoga Poses

This yoga pose for the upper body is reasonably necessary for people who want to build their abs. It is a fantastic pose for building up core strength. To perform this pose, sit on a mat, lean a little, and bend your knees towards your chest.

Open up your legs and put your lower legs parallel to the ground while your arms are aligned with them. Now slowly move your torso forwards and backward, with your legs held up and your hands pulling you in the front.

You can also choose to stay in this position for as long as 30 seconds until you do not feel a strain. Repeat this pose three times. Every part of your body, from the upper to the lower body, will feel the heat. The most affected parts, however, will be your abs, your chest, and your arms. 

9. Downward Dog

Yoga for Upper Body, Yoga Workout, Yoga Poses

This pose is a fantastic stretching pose, which is also highly beneficial for strengthening the arms, shoulders, and chest. It is quite easy for you and comes with great benefits.

To do this pose, you need to stand straight on your legs and then take your hand down to touch the ground. You need to create a mountain with your hips towards the sky.

Hold this position for some time till you feel your arms shivering and feeling the burning of extra fat. Your muscles are developed, and you are able to gain an enormous amount of strength. 

10. HandStand

Yoga for Upper Body, Yoga Poses, Yoga Poses

This yoga pose for the upper body, also known as Adho Mukha Vrksasana, is a pose that requires high levels of expertise and strength and a lot of balancing practice.

It provides the muscles of the upper body parts and the core with unmatchable strength. To do this pose, one needs to stand reversed, with legs towards the north and the palms of the hands touching the ground.

You can start with a downward dog pose and then push your legs upwards to stand straight upward down. Stay in this position for a little while, and experience the power that is gained by your arms' muscles. 

11. Crow Pose

Yoga for Upper Body, Yoga Workout, Yoga Poses

The crow pose is another pose that is performed by yoga enthusiasts at the higher levels of their practice. This pose highly affects the limbs of the body and helps in strengthening the core. To do this pose, sit in the squat pose.

Now touch your hands to the ground and then lift up your body in the squat pose, with the complete weight on the arms. Make sure your shoulders are stretched apart properly, and your elbows are placed towards your body. Also, make your face positioned parallel to the ground. 

12. Locust Pose

Yoga for Upper Body, Yoga Workout , Yoga Poses

As easy as this upper-body yoga pose seems, it requires a lot of strength to perform. It provides strength to the chest and the shoulders while increasing your body's flexibility. To do this pose, you must lie down on the mat with your stomach touching the ground.

Now slowly, pull up your lower legs with your toes stretched outwards. At the front, lift your neck and shoulders with your arms on your hips, so your chest is still touching the ground.

However, make sure you are doing this pose correctly to avoid putting strain on your neck or back region. If you feel any kind of pain, stop doing the pose immediately. 

Yoga is a highly beneficial option if you are also deciding to enhance the strength of your upper body and your core and are looking for different ways to do this.

Along with increased strength, it provides benefits such as enhanced flexibility and better mental and physical healthStart doing Yoga for upper body strength today, and see the results yourself, without investing in equipment or costly gym membership fees!

Nikita Parihar
Nikita Parihar

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