Raise your hand if you’re sharing a life with a furry friend – or two, or three! Over here at Green Apple, our pets are family. One of the most important things we’ve learned from them is that it’s definitely not a one way relationship. Our pets push us, pull us, and snuggle us into better human beings! 

One major point? Exercising! On days when you’d rather stay in, an excited puppy tugging on a leash can make all the difference. If your pet would rather laze around than go jogging (like mine!), seeing him get a tad pudgy is more than enough incentive to haul both of you off the couch and out for a little bit of active fun. Read on for some win-win ideas on exercising with your pet!

  • The old standby: hitting the park. Take the pup out to make some new friends at the dog run, play some fetch and maybe do a light jog back home. All in a day’s work! 
  • Interval walk: make walking a little more interesting by mixing it up. Sprints, walks, and even drills like shuffling sideways and running backwards don’t just benefit you, they help keep your dog engaged and both your heart rates up. Keep going for 15 to 20 minutes for maximum benefit. 
  • Build a dogstacle course! This doesn’t have to be labor-intensive to be fun – use hula hoops, jumping ropes, chairs, fitness steps, and more. Do a set exercise in each station as you make your way through the circuit – extra points if your dog gets involved! Run with him to each station or get your play on for a little bit as a reward after every drill. 

Want some more ideas? Check out this video of our Green Apple Advocate, Jill Brown, showing off some exercise moves with Toefu the pug!!! Isn’t he cute? Let us know what you think, or how YOU exercise with your pet, in the comments. Bonus points if you send us a photo of you and your friend!

  • Feb 03, 2015
  • Category: Videos
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