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Amazing Properties of Organic Bamboo Fabric by Green Apple Active

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We thought you might be curious about what makes our Green Apple Active organic bamboo fabric so special, and we are happy to oblige! Green Apple Active creator Cristofer Smith spent years in Asia formulating our very own, exclusive to Green Apple Active fabric, Eco Air Tech.  Some natural qualities inherent in that fabric are:
  • Anti Fungal: Green Apple Active fabrics are naturally resistant to mold & yeast.
  • UV Protection: Our Green Apple Active fiber has scored above 98% in both UVA and UVB block scales
  • Hypo Allergenic: Great for people with sensitive skin, Green Apple Active garments don't cause reactions   to the skin & are highly breathable.
  • Thermodynamic: Green Apple Active Bamboo is naturally thermal regulating, keeping the body warmer in colder climates, and cooler in warmer environments.
  • Super Moisture Management: Green Apple Active Textiles wick away moisture and perspiration from the body 3-4 times faster than cotton!
  • Sustainable & Renewable: Green Apple Active textiles are harvested from natural materials with minimal impact on the environment.  Bamboo is capable of regeneration without replanting thus creating a carbon negative growth cycle.
  • Odor Resistant: Green Apple Active textiles scored at the highest level for being odor free.  Our products naturally neutralize odor causing bactrial that lives on human skin!
  • Biodegradable : Out Green Apple Active fabrics with fully biodegrade in nature in 48 days.

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