6 Ways to Get More Energy

January 24, 2015 2 min read


Do you often feel sluggish and slow? There are various reasons why lethargy may creep into your body and mind. Addressing them can help you gain vitality. At the same time, there are simple methods you can use to enhance your enthusiasm that will give you a mental and physical boost.

Change your routine
Have you noticed that when you alter your routine, you instantly perk up? One of the reasons that taking a vacation makes you feel more alive is that you are away from the daily grind. When you enter a new environment and carry out different activities than usual, you automatically become alert. Doing the same old thing, day after day, can result in brain fog.

Get out in the open
If you spend most of your time indoors, consider making an effort to get outside in the daylight more often. Fresh air, sunlight, and nature can stimulate your mind and senses so that you instantly feel livelier.

Eat healthy foods
Eating fatty foods and the type of carbohydrates found in cakes and white bread can lead to sleepiness and lethargy. Consume extra fiber and protein and you will benefit by gaining energy.

When you exercise, feel-good chemicals enter your system and give you an energy boost. Sit down for too long and you will not only feel tired, but also you will feel stiff and experience decreased blood flow. Once you move more, the oxygen and blood current to your brain will increase. In fact, your entire body will benefit when you exercise.

Reduce stress
There is nothing like stress to cause people to experience sluggishness and depression. Luckily, you can reduce emotional pressure. Meditating, yoga, tai chi, walking amongst nature, spending time with supportive people, and listening to gentle music are just a few ways of getting rid of anxiety.

Change your environment
Like countless other people, perhaps you need to spend a great deal of time in an environment that is not conducive to stimulating mental energy. When your mind feels vital, your body is encouraged to follow suit. You can make constructive changes in your surroundings that result in greater alertness. 

If possible, paint walls in a fresh, lively color such as primrose yellow and white. Use warm, stimulating colors like orange and gold when decorating with soft furnishings. You can also place a few metallic items in your environment and increase the flow of fresh air into the room. At the same time, get rid of clutter so that there is plenty of space and visual clarity to heighten your awareness.

Take control of your energy system by noticing when lethargy appears and carrying out positive action. You will discover that you feel vital, fresh, and have far greater energy than you would if you left your vigor to chance.

Author: Bridget Webber

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