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Green Apple Active is great not only for lounging around or for yoga.  It really can adapt to whatever lifestyle you live.  For example, I like the idea of yoga and its benefits, but I naturally don’t gravitate towards it.  I find other activities more intriguing for me to participate in.  I got introduced to different types of alternative fitness in starting in 2010. 

Hoop dancing is one of the activities that I never knew would change my life in such a drastic way.  At the time I was going through a breakup, and I wanted to exercise to get some endorphins naturally to be happier.  A lot of things did not interest me such as the gym, running outdoors, outdoor sports, etc.  A friend of mine has been playing with this hula hoop for a year.  I never gave it much thought until this moment where I needed a positive change.  Experimenting with it gave me that childlike sense of joy and playfulness.  It made me happy and I found it very healing.

Soon after trying this alternative way of getting fit, I was open minded to other things such as pole fitness and aerial arts.  I found all these things to be so much fun to me, and it made exercising fun and motivating because it seemed like I was just having a great time vs. enduring a dreadful workout.  Don’t get me wrong, learning and trying these skills can be challenging, but it was my preferred way to work out and train.  Also there is a dance aspect to it so I can also express myself while burning calories.

Everything started for fun and healing.  I never thought I would have gotten more out of it.  One year later, I got my first paid gig as a hoop dancer.  Another year after that I started to practice fire dancing incorporating a fire hoop and other various fire tools.  Soon enough, I was a working performer while also getting hired at a pole studio to teach my style of hoop dance.

I love the natural fibers in Green Apple Active because it is beneficial to my lifestyle.  When I am hooping on my legs and I am wearing natural fiber leggings, I have better grip.  I have tested it out by wearing synthetic leggings and the hoop would slip down.  Leggings are also a must for doing aerial because it helps to protect your skin.  The sweats are great for warming up before doing some pole dancing.  The number one thing that I love about Green Apple Active’s clothing is that it is amazing to practice fire dancing in, since it is best to wear natural fibers for that dangerous activity.  If you wear synthetic clothing and you accidentally got fire on it, it can melt onto your skin.

If you are intrigued by some of the alternative fitness or activities I do, then below I have some resources linked.

I teach Beginning Hoop Classes at a hoop shop called Superhooper in Anaheim, CA:

We also have a meetup page for it.  Here is the link to that:  https://www.meetup.com/manifestcreative/
You will see different types of hoop classes and workshops taught by other instructors as well.

I like to cross train and mix it up by taking a break from Hooping to do Pole & Aerial Fitness.
I actually am a student at this studio called Smoke and Mirrors Fitness in Santa Ana, CA.

I’ve been going there consistently for over a year now.  I have studio hopped a lot in the past and was not consistent with my practice before.

Here are some great resources for you to try.

LA area:

If you are in the Santa Barbara area, then try this Hoop Dance series out:

Contact Nicholas Ryan for his different flow arts lessons. 

Contact Sam Tobey for rope dart lessons.
She has some tutorials here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg8Q4itGVANc0qxutGu1dSg?app=desktop

Contact Emma Carlborg for beginner through advanced levels including performance style on all props she spins.

Contact Love In The Fire about weekly classes in poi and staff.

Adam Weisman teaches Acro once a week at this pole studio.

Contact Christopher Filkins to learn his many skills.

Free Spin Jams in LA:
Contact Bianca Ernano for the Venice Glow Flow event she hosts every (Wednesday) 6:30-9:30pm

There are roller hoop jams she hosts two times a month.

OC area:

Taylor-Rose teaches aerial, flexibility, and hoop classes four days a week at this pole studio.

SD area:

Valentina Orbit for burlesque and hoop classes in San Diego


Zaylaa van Hoops is a professional performer specializing in stilt walking, LED performances, and fire dancing with various props and tools.  She is vegan and also works in the natural food industry with brands that are vegan and/or have majority of vegan options.  In her free time she enjoys pole dancing and volunteering at Pug Nation Rescue of LA.

Photo credit goes to @gbeeler33


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Elizabeth Whitley

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