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If we look back at the last few decades, there is no denying that the technology has advanced in leaps and bounds. With the advancement of technology in every field of life, things have become more comfortable and convenient for people at every walk of life. Therefore, the human race has seen a massive transformation in their lifestyle over the last few decades. Different jobs and processes that used to take days can be done in a few hours and even minutes. Now, there is less hard work and more of smart work. However, it has been observed that with the epic rise of the technology across the globe, the rate of obesity is rising exponentially across the world. So the obvious question arises whether technology is making you fat or there is a hidden factor that we are overlooking. 

Is It Right To Blame Technology For Obesity?

Technology has bought convenience and automation in every field but what we do for the wellbeing of our health is still in our hands. It is true that there is more of sitting and automated work than manual work in our daily life. But it does not mean we will just sit and do work and do nothing about our fitness. If technology has forced a change in our lifestyle and made us lazy and inactive, it is also in our control to change the current unhealthy state into an active lifestyle. Instead of blaming the technology, one should blame himself for not doing enough to keep him fit and thereby, becoming prone to obesity and putting on weight with time. The following are some of the tips to get back on a healthy weight loss track.

How to get back on a healthy weight loss track?

It is said that do the work you love, and you will never get tired. There is no secret that to get an active and healthy lifestyle, you have to get your diet right, and you have to exercise. Most importantly, if you want to lose the extra fat you have gained, you have to get in a proper frame of mind. Here is how to incorporate the healthy weight loss lifestyle slowly but steadily in your life. 

Get Inspiration – You must always find an inspiration within you to do a job and once you find that, the job will become easy and natural. The job will change from ‘I have to do it’ to ‘I want to do it’. Once you feel the urge and the want to do something from your core, you will do it in the best possible way. Without enough motivation, a job is as good as half done. This can be achieved by doing the exercises you like to do and by having certain tasty but less calorie foods in the diet. If you eat a diet that you hate or the exercise you find uninspiring, you will never enjoy what you do, and the result will not be effective enough. Therefore, do what you have to do in a way that you want to do it.

Get A Partner – It is a common human nature to be lazy when they do something all alone. However, the attitude changes when a person does a job in a group where all the members are active. Therefore, getting up early, doing outdoor exercises, and having a weight loss diet every day can be hard to continue alone. But if you can find a partner which can be your colleague or any family member, you will put forward your best efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In fact, you can be inspired and motivated by his or her effort and dedication.

Get Into The Habit – Whatever you do in your life, the first few days are going to be bumpy. But as soon as you get into the habit of doing it every day, it becomes normal. Therefore, you need to put more than just your best effort in the initial days. For example, you should set multiple alarms to get up early in the morning, push yourself to do exercises and set a target that you must achieve every day, stay away from unhealthy food at any cost, and likewise. You have to form a fixed pattern in your everyday life so that you start living the healthy lifestyle by habit and you should get so much comfortable with it that no other second thought should arise.

Get The Perfect Combination – The healthy weight loss lifestyle is a combination of your body, mind, emotion, and diet. You have to balance each of these four parameters to get the desired results and get encouragement to push yourself further. You should not be lazy and push your body to do extra work like exercise. You need to get mentally strong and be inspired to live a healthy lifestyle. Besides, you should not be too emotional about your previous unhealthy yet comfortable lifestyle or the delicious unhygienic food you used to have. Lastly, the diet has to be absolutely perfect to assist you to lose weight faster, and it needs to be changed after a certain goal of weight loss is achieved.

This healthy weight loss program should become your natural lifestyle. You should not think of it as an additional burden or responsibility. Once, it becomes the way of living for you, staying on the track becomes natural and easy.

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Harrish Sairaman is a well-known motivational teacher in India, helping many to achieve which once seemed unachievable like increase motivation, leadership, Corporate Performance, decrease stress etc. through Leadership training programs , Corporate training , Entrepreneur Coaching and Individual Coaching to name a few.

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