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    What’s The Rush?

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    The benefits of Savasana…..


    I get it.  You are a Type A, on-the-go, two-page to-do list super-human kind of student.  But give yourself a break and really explore the benefits of your practice; give yourself the gift of Savasana.  As a yoga teacher in Los Angeles it’s always a challenge to communicate to my students the benefits of savasana.  A lot of people consider Savasana a dispensable little nap after the physical exertion of their practice.  I’ve seen more and more students leaving before Savasana and complaining to me that they just don’t have the time.  But you can make the time, even if you have to leave early

    5 Ways to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

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        By Charles Jackson     We all want to live longer and healthier but, the temptation to procrastinate, forget about our diets and indulge in everything that is...

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