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Workout Fashion – Improve Your Workout Performance and Attitude

Workout Fashion – Improve Your Workout Performance and Attitude
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What you wear can help you make an impression, make you assertive or can improve your workout. The right clothing can also can boost your confidence and can help you stay motivated and improve your performance.

This is why choosing the right workout clothes is as important as the workout itself. Not only does your clothing need to have the right fit and allow you to move comfortably during the workout activity itself, it must also have a bit of style to allow you to perform confidently.

This article aims to provide some quick tips on important factors to consider in choosing your workout clothes to help you not only perform well during your activity but also to help you gain confidence while doing so.

The FIT 

Choosing the right attire depends on your own body type and workout style. There are loose clothes that are more suited for sport activities. On the other hand, there are the fitted outfits that allow for more flexible movements.

You may not want to wear loose-fitting tops or bottoms that may interfere with your workout especially when you’re using machines as loose clothing may get caught in the workout equipment.

Loose workout clothing also tend to move around too much which is okay depending on the type of workout that you are doing but if your movements require focus and clearance from anything that might hinder your movement then fitted clothes are the right choice for you.

When deciding on the right fit, consider the type of activity that you’ll be doing and take into account items such as workout equipment.


Different materials provide different levels of comfort. Wearing cotton for workouts can help in absorbing your sweat but at the same time will make you stay wet longer. And you don’t want that since wet clothing is heavier and it sips your body heat which is not good at all!

On the other hand, special breathable type of clothing that are designed for workouts will help keep sweat away from your body. One example is our very own bamboo fabric which has a moisture wicking feature that helps you keep dry even during the most intense workouts.

Women should also wear supportive undergarments such as a sports bra. A good supportive undergarment for women is one that is not too tight but is enough to keep breast movement at minimal to prevent discomfort.

Lastly, wear a pair of good shoes. Choose something that can protect your feet but won’t hinder you in performing your workout activity. Wearing comfortable shoes will help you feel active and boost performance.


Most of us wait until we’re fit enough before wearing the clothes that we really want to wear but we should keep in mind that what we wear motivates us too and that greatly affects workout attitude.

Choose an outfit that is appropriate and you feel good wearing. Select clothing that flatters your body depending on your body shape and size.

A little tip as well. If you are taking your workout seriously, do not wear makeup. Makeup may clog your pores and can prevent proper sweating which is not ideal for regulating body temperature during workouts.

Brush your hair up and go for a clean look. You can use tinted moisturizer or balms to put some color to your face if necessary.

To stay updated with the latest workout fashion, just follow Green Apple Active on social media where we post our latest collections and other updates about our sustainable, comfortable and stylish products.


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